Left Wing Climate Activist Endorses Blowing up Pipelines and Admits People Could be Killed

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Written By Maya Cantina

A left wing climate activist named Andreas Malm was recently interviewed by the New York Times and openly endorsed the idea of blowing up pipelines and admitted that there could be casualties.

Trump supporters are sitting in jail for merely walking through the Capitol, but left wingers can openly call for crime and violence in the furtherance of their political goals and no one says a thing.

Just don’t claim that we have a two-tiered justice system.

FOX News reports:

Radical climate activist endorses blowing up pipelines in startling interview, admits people could be killed

“Accidents” and deaths may be inevitable in extreme climate activism that could merit blowing up thousands of pipelines, author and radical climate activist Andreas Malm said in a startling new interview.

The “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” writer and activist gave an interview to The New York Times on his upcoming follow-up book, “Overshoot: How the World Surrendered to Climate Breakdown.” At the top of the exchange, Malm was questioned on how “it’s hard to think that deaths don’t become inevitable if there is more sabotage” like blowing up pipelines.

“Sure, if you have a thousand pipeline explosions per year, if it takes on that extreme scale. But we are some distance from that, unfortunately,” Malm answered.

When pressed on that response, Malm argued, “Well, I want sabotage to happen on a much larger scale than it does now. I can’t guarantee that it won’t come with accidents. But what do I know? I haven’t personally blown up a pipeline, and I can’t foretell the future.”

Malm admitted that he has recently taken part in actions that have been “illegal” and “militant.” The interviewer, David Marchese, then pushed back against his condoning of political violence in a democracy.

The left is so used to getting away with this behavior that they’re perfectly comfortable talking about it openly.

Good thing for him he is not a Trump supporter or the FBI might notice him.



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