Map shows which countries are groaning because of the wave of refugees and which are not

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Written By Maya Cantina

The German population was also questioned: research shows which countries are groaning under the wave of refugees and which are not

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Research shows that the vast majority of EU citizens want to take in fewer refugees. A stricter course has broad support in Germany. However, in a group of countries the population seems to be satisfied with the current course.

European citizens are watching the influx of migrants Crucial: more than 70 percent believe that too many refugees are entering their country. This is evident from a study commissioned by the German-French television channel “Arte” of BVA Xsight.

A total of 22,726 people in EU Member States were interviewed between March 27 and April 9. The results are representative for the countries in question. How to find it in Greece Even 90 percent of respondents said too many migrants were being accepted. People in Cyprus, Ireland, Austria and Germany, among others, are particularly critical. In this country, 77 percent agree with the statement that Germany is taking in too many migrants.

A different picture emerges, for example, in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal and Denmark. Significantly fewer people there agree with the statement. The investigation gives no reason. What is interesting, however, is that in some countries known for their anti-migration policies, the population has a more positive attitude towards migrants. For example in Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán implements a strict isolation policy. In Denmark The Social Democrats under Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen are opting for a hard line.

Much criticized in countries with high acceptance rates

In these two countries, fewer initial asylum applications were submitted per 100,000 inhabitants in 2023 than in other countries. In countries where the population is more critical of migration, this percentage is considerably higher. This is especially true for Cyprus, Austria and Greece. There seems to be a link between actual migration and public opinion, even if it is quite weak.

The Arte survey also shows that 85 percent of respondents believe that the European Union should take more action to combat irregular migration. The critical attitude is also evident when you ask about the benefits of migration: only 39 percent believe this Europe needs immigration today.

In addition to migration, most Europeans are concerned about health and the war in Ukraine. About 40 percent see each of these as a problem. This is followed by inflation and the environment, each of which concerns about a quarter of respondents.


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