Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters Just Pulled Off A Marvel Trick To Solve A Big Mystery

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In episode 9 of “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,” we find out that Shaw not only believed in Bill’s Hollow Earth theories but was part of an expedition by the government to travel to the Hollow Earth. We knew the home of the kaijus (or Titans) had its own sky, somehow, but it turns out it also has its own rules for time.

When Shaw travels to the center of the Earth, he leaves after a few minutes but emerges 20 years in the future. This means that Hollow Earth is home to one of the coolest sci-fi tropes (when done right) — time dilation! This explains why Shaw looks so good despite pushing 90. Now, this raises some questions. How did none of the characters who visited Hollow Earth in “Godzilla vs Kong” get trapped inside for years on end? We don’t know how time works there just yet. Hopefully, the show will explain that in the future.

We do learn that Shaw wasn’t the only person to get trapped out of time for decades. That’s because we discover that Miura was alive this whole time. She lived in the Hollow Earth all along, fending off Titans with a crafty bow and arrow, all while looking exactly the same as she did in 1959.

That’s right, “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” took a page out of the Marvel book — specifically “Ant-Man and the Wasp.”


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