Munich defendants in the ‘Reichsbürger’ trial: this is what the esotericists and violent fantasists had in mind

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Munich – Part three of the large-scale Reichsbürger terror trial against the conspiracy group surrounding Henry XIII. Prince Reuss started in Munich on Tuesday. After negotiations have already taken place in Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main, the final eight defendants are now before the High Court in the Bavarian capital. They are accused of planning a state overthrow and high treason.

You will first be taken through the Police Guided into the high-security large courtroom A 101 in the Munich Justice Center, Chairman Dagmar Illini asks for the personal data. Seven willingly provide information, one suspect has his lawyer provide the information.

Just a “company”

They are completely normal-looking, partly very formally educated people, mostly middle-aged and from all over the Republic, who are said to have been extremely active in this conspiracy circle for a year and a half between 2021 and 2022. For example, the doctor R. with a general practice in Lower Saxony, who became a corona denier and was said to have been chosen by the group as the future Minister of Health – after the federal government was overthrown and its leading members were shot.

Or the lawyer G., who has been promoted, says that he should have become Foreign Minister in the state that, according to Reichsburger ideology, dates back to 1871. Since the Federal Republic does not exist at all, it is only a ‘company’, and is the country is still ruled by the occupying powers after the Second World War.

It is difficult to keep an overview of the three major proceedings now underway: Prince Reuss and his inner circle are on trial in Frankfurt; he is the central figure in the group that called itself the ‘Patriotic Union’, which is also accused of being a right-wing terrorist. The military planners are largely united in Stuttgart. They would have carefully and carefully considered how to eliminate the current democracy through weapons and violence.

Esotericists and violent fantasists

And the defendants from Munich fall more into the category of esotericism and violent fantasists. According to the indictment, this includes L., who describes himself as an ‘astrologer, but actually a retiree’. The 70-year-old is elegantly dressed in turquoise and relays her personal details in a friendly, soft voice. According to the prosecutor, the supporter of the right-wing extremist of the AfD, Björn Höcke, was a spiritual advisor in the ‘military government’ under Prince Reuss.

Protests and riots from the Reichsbürger and Corona denier scene were expected in Munich. But interest in the events remains moderate; spectators and journalists are each represented by several dozen. Even before the lecture, a minor incident occurred: a man in the audience shouted “child fucker” several times and was quickly removed. More on what this is all about later.

He is said to be the leader: In December 2022, masked police officers led Henry XIII during a raid on Frankfurt am Main.  Prince Reuss (2nd from right) to a police vehicle.
He is said to be the leader: In December 2022, masked police officers led Henry XIII during a raid on Frankfurt am Main. Prince Reuss (2nd from right) to a police vehicle.
© Boris Roessler/dpa
He is said to be the leader: In December 2022, masked police officers led Henry XIII during a raid on Frankfurt am Main. Prince Reuss (2nd from right) to a police vehicle.

by Boris Roessler/dpa


The indictment by the Karlsruhe Federal Prosecutor’s Office against this group of eight consists of 59 pages and takes two and a half hours to read. Page after page, example after example, reveals again and again what kind of enterprise the 26 defendants had planned and worked on – what crazy ideas they must have been driven by and with what refined method and enormous precision they carried out this commando coup addressed.

382 pistols and rifles

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office lists in detail what the eight defendants from Munich allegedly did for their plan from mid-2021 until the group was exposed during a major raid on December 7, 2022. In total, they collected 382 pistols and rifles, 347 knives and machetes and almost 150,000 rounds of ammunition. Over time, the members “have become further radicalized,” the complaint said.

They believed in a criminal ‘Deep State’, a deep-rooted criminal structure of parts of those in power in Germany. They kidnapped babies into underground tunnels to ritually abuse them, kill them and drink a refreshing drink from their blood.

This belief is called QAnon and comes from the US. This is probably what the “child fucker” caller was referring to.

But in the state there is also the ‘alliance’, the ‘good guys’ from their point of view. This, like the ‘Deep State’, is purely a fantasy, but according to the conspirators, the ‘Alliance’ was waiting for a signal to attack and destroy the ‘Deep State’. And this signal would come from the Reuss forces. Did you mean. According to the indictment, they met many times and throughout the republic – at Reuss’ Waidmannsheil castle in Thuringia, at Rottweil in Swabia and in Lower Bavaria. Shooting exercises were held regularly. Two of the defendants from Munich contacted the Russian consulate in Bratislava several times to obtain Russian support.

According to the findings, there were death lists of politicians and celebrities. Frequent flight movements at the American base in Grafenwöhr were interpreted as a sign of the ‘good’ alliance approaching the day of the uprising. A total of 53 negotiating days are planned in Munich until the end of January 2025.

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