My Man Is Cupid Episode 13 Recap & Spoilers: Nana’s Baek-Ryeon Remembers Her Past Lives

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Episode 13 of My Man Is Cupid aired on Prime Video on Friday, January 12, 2024. In the new episode, a series of fascinating events occur. Nana’s character, Oh Baek-Ryeon, remembers her past two lives as Lee So-Hee and Yoo Jeong-Ah.

In My Man Is Cupid episode 13, viewers also witness police officer Seo Jae-Hee (Park Ki-Woong) starting to realize his nightmares. He also sees a painting of Jang Dong-Yoon’s character, Cheon Sang-Hyuk, with his wings. It seems to make his suspicion of Sang-Hyuk even stronger.

My Man Is Cupid episode 13: Nana’s Baek-Ryeon finds out about her past lives

My Man Is Cupid episode 13 begins with Kim Myeong-Sik (Do Ki-Seok) confessing his crime of killing Go Eun-Seo (Kim Been). He says to the police that the last crime that is supposed to happen will not occur now as he is inside the prison. However, the police believe that he is just an accomplice in the murder and is lying for some reason. They also believe that the real culprit is still roaming freely.

Then, episode 13 of My Man Is Cupid goes back to the scene where a mysterious man arrives at Oh Baek-Ryeon’s vet clinic with a puppy. The episode reveals who the person is, and it is someone who knows Eun-Seo. Soon after he leaves, police officer Jae-Hee and Sang-Hyuk arrive there.

Jae-Hee brought Jeong-Ah’s (Kim Do-Ah) parents to the clinic as they found an injured puppy on the road. When Jeong-Ah’s mother sees Sang-Hyuk, she immediately recognizes him as the detective who worked on her daughter’s missing case many years ago. It makes Sang-Hyuk look more suspicious to Jae-Hee. Moreover, Baek-Ryeon thinks about his true identity.

Later, Baek-Ryeon goes to Sang-Hyuk’s old house, where she finds two white rings that belonged to her in the past life when she was Lee So-Hee (Kwon Ah-Reum). Just after touching the rings, Baek-Ryeon starts to remember everything from her past two lives. She sees herself as both Lee So-Hee and Yoo Jeong-Ah in the past lives. Soon, she comes to realize that she was Lee So-Hee and Yoo Jeong-Ah in her past two lives.

There, she finds two paintings. One of them includes a picture of Lee So-Hee, while another painting shows Sang-Hyuk with wings. She also realizes that Sang-Hyuk is not a human but a superior being. Thereafter, Baek-Ryeon meets Sang-Hyuk, who takes her to Jeong-Ah’s place. The two then have dinner with Jeong-Ah’s parents. Baek-Ryeon cannot control her emotions after seeing Jeong-Ah’s parents and starts crying.

When they come out of Jeong-Ah’s house, she reveals to Sang-Hyuk that she has seen her past lives and is now aware of her own and Sang-Hyuk’s real identity. At the end of My Man Is Cupid episode 13, office Jae-Hee also finds the paintings of Lee So-Hee and Sang-Hyuk in the form of a fairy.

The My Man Is Cupid episode ends with Baek-Ryeon telling Sang-Hyuk that she loves him no matter who he is. The two share a passionate kiss, after which Sang-Hyuk begins to disappear. At that moment, Baek-Ryeon kisses him again, and the disappearance stops. The episode ends right there.

Viewers can watch episode 13 of My Man Is Cupid on Amazon Prime Video.


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