Netflix Might Be Making A Huge Mistake With Its Wednesday Spin-Off

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Look: Maybe the number-crunchers at Netflix have data that says “Wednesday” viewers actually are obsessed with all things “Addams Family” and viewers eagerly gobble up every iteration they can get their hands on. Maybe the Fred Armisen Uncle Fester show — “Fester: A Wednesday Story,” or whatever they end up calling it — will be the proof that going all-in on an “Addams Family” small-screen universe is a brilliant business decision that will allow Netflix to cast off stars like Ortega after a few successful seasons, slot a new actor in the mix, keep costs down, and squeeze the “Addams Family” IP for all it’s worth.

Then again, maybe people just really like watching Jenna Ortega.

I spoke about this with /Film editor BJ Colangelo on today’s episode of the /Film Daily podcast, which you can listen to below:

We also talked about Jonathan Majors being fired from Marvel Studios, a new “Orphan” movie being in development, and more.

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