Oblivion Battery Streaming Release Date: When Is It Coming Out on Crunchyroll

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The Oblivion Battery Crunchyroll release date is around the corner, and viewers are wondering when they can start streaming the TV series.

Studio MAPPA developed Oblivion Battery from the baseball manga series written and illustrated by Eko Mikawa, with Makoto Nakazono serving as the director. Here’s when the show is coming out on Crunchyroll.

When is the Oblivion Battery Crunchyroll release date?

The Oblivion Battery Crunchyroll release date is Tuesday, April 9, 2024.

Oblivion Battery or Boukyaku Battery revolves around a group of young people with a shared passion for baseball. Harkuka was a prodigious pitcher in junior high, and Kei was an exceptional catcher. However, things drastically changed when Kei began struggling with memory loss. After enrolling at a new school, they run into a group of young people they previously won against. It soon becomes apparent that the love for baseball is still very much alive in all of them. After learning that the school doesn’t have a baseball club, the youths decide to create one of their own.

The voice cast of Oblivion Battery includes Toshiki Masuda as Haruka Kiyomine, Mamoru Miyano as Kei Kaname, Yuki Kaji as Taro Yamada, Yohei Azakami as Aoi Todo, and Nobunaga Shimazaki as Shunpei Chihaya.

When is Oblivion Battery coming out via streaming?

Oblivion Battery is available to watch via streaming on Crunchyroll on April 9, 2024. Viewers will be able to stream it at this time.

Current Crunchyroll subscribers will be able to watch the series when it airs.

Oblivion Battery’s official synopsis reads:

“After quitting baseball, a group of former players serendipitously reunite at the same university, only to discover that the school lacks a baseball team. Refueled by nostalgia and fervor for the game, the group bands together to form a team, reigniting their competitive spirits that had once pitted them against each other.”

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