Pelosi, Clooney and Schumer too? Biden’s support is crumbling

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Sometimes silence is louder than words: Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi refused to say clearly in a TV interview whether she was the US president Joe Biden must remain in the race for the presidential nomination. Instead, she called on the 81-year-old to make a decision on his candidacy. Pelosi’s subtle distancing from Biden carries weight and resonance. It’s just the latest example of how support for Biden in the party continues to erode. And some of Biden’s financially strong Hollywood supporters are no longer keeping their feet still.

Report: Schumer Thinks Biden Alternative Possible

Meanwhile, the situation for Biden in Washington continues to deteriorate. Peter Welch, the first senator to openly call for Biden to withdraw. And according to a report, the Democratic majority leader in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, would have been open to donors about replacing Biden. This was reported by the Axios portal, citing two unnamed sources. Schumer had previously publicly supported Biden. In response to the report, his office only said that Schumer supports Biden and continues to advocate for the Republicans Donald Trump November will be defeated.

Another Biden supporter’s public verdict came earlier with the force of a lightning bolt: Hollywood star George Clooney In the New York Times, he took stock of Biden’s candidacy and called on him to resign.

If Schumer publicly turns against Biden in this way, the 81-year-old could finally lose support in Congress. Then the fate of Biden’s candidacy will likely be sealed. Pelosi’s words are already a slap in the face for Biden. She is not only a confidante of Biden. The former leader of the US House of Representatives is also a powerful figure in the Democratic Party.

Pelosi puts pressure on Biden

On the show ‘Morning Joe’, Biden’s supposedly favorite political breakfast TV, the 84-year-old said: “It’s up to the president to decide whether he’s going to run.” She added: “We’re all encouraging him to make that decision. Time is running out.” When the moderator pointed out that Biden had apparently already decided to stay in the race, Pelosi was evasive.

Instead, she added: “He’s well-liked, he’s respected, and people want him to make that decision.” After Biden’s TV debacle against Republican challenger Donald Trump, Pelosi initially stood firmly behind the US president. But last week, Pelosi expressed her initial doubts, saying it was a “legitimate question” whether Biden’s mistake in the TV duel was “just an episode or a condition.”

At 84, Pelosi herself is no longer the youngest. She is running for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives in November. Well-known Democratic Senator John Fetterman, who is supporting Biden, reacted with surprise to Pelosi’s recent statements. “It’s decided. It’s strange that she would say something like that.” Hours after Pelosi’s interview, another lawmaker came out against Biden.

With clenched fist against criticism

Biden is currently fighting to save his candidacy for the presidential election in November. In the US, there is debate about whether Biden is the right Democratic presidential candidate because of his advanced age. Since his disastrous performance in the televised duel against Trump, Biden has increasingly been questioned about his mental fitness. However, he responds defiantly to criticism and sometimes comes across as stubborn. So far, he has firmly ruled out leaving the race.

At the NATO summit, Biden answered a reporter’s question about whether Nancy Pelosi still supported his presidential candidacy with a clenched fist. The scene came as the heads of state and government of NATO’s 32 countries gathered for a family photo. Biden’s confident counterattack drew smiles from, among others, Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who was standing diagonally behind him.

In fact, the important defense alliance summit in the US capital Washington should currently demand Biden’s full attention – but the turmoil in his party will likely keep Biden just as busy.

Journalist answers Biden question from passerby

No critical mass of Democrats has yet turned against Biden. But the doubts do not disappear – and new demands for his resignation are emerging every day. Today, the Democrat faces a major test: the final press conference of the NATO summit. There, Biden will have to answer questions from the press without a teleprompter. It is precisely at such moments that he is prone to slips of the tongue and blunders.

Biden has also announced a new TV interview to show that he can hold his own in a situation without any prodding. On Monday night (German night on Tuesday) he wants to answer questions from NBC journalist Lester Holt. Last week, Biden gave his first post-debate interview to ABC and stressed that only God could force him to withdraw.

The journalist who interviewed Biden was George Stephanopoulos – he especially attracted attention now with an explosive statement. A video shows the journalist in New York saying that Biden cannot remain in office for another four years. “Earlier, I answered the question of a passer-by. I should not have done that,” US media quoted Stephanopoulos’ spokesman as saying.

Clooney settles scores with Biden

Actor George Clooney made some scathing remarks about Biden in an op-ed in the New York Times, apparently without regret. The 63-year-old bluntly called on the American president to withdraw from the race. One battle he cannot win is the battle against time. Successful director and producer Rob Reiner (“Harry and Sally”) joined Clooney, writing: “Democracy is facing an existential threat. We need someone younger to fight back. Joe Biden needs to make room.” Biden has the support of several stars – Hollywood is considered quite liberal.

Just a few weeks ago, Clooney raised millions in donations for Biden’s election campaign in Los Angeles at a campaign event with other stars including Julia Roberts. Biden traveled straight to Hollywood from the G7 summit in Italy to attend the glamorous event. The actor now wrote of the event: “He was the same man we all saw at the debate.”

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