Podcast Host Who’s Jewish Predicts American Jews Will Start Shifting Republican Over the Rise of Anti-Semitism on the Left (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

David Sacks is one of the hosts of the ‘All-In’ podcast. He is Jewish and a conservative.

During a recent episode, he predicted that American Jews, who have long-been part of the Democrat coalition, are going to start shifting to Republicans due to the shocking anti-Semitism we have seen from the left in recent weeks.

Sacks makes a very logical case about this.

Partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

DAVID SACKS: We can always debate the hard cases on free speech, and where the lines should be. I would draw the lines in a way that makes most speech permissible, but hen you’re talking about chasing students around campus to yell in their face, that clearly is bullying and harassment, and there is no reason to ever allow something like that.

What you’re gonna see in the wake of this is that a lot of Jewish people are realizing that they don’t have a home on the left anymore. And I expect that many Jews are going to start shifting right into the Republican Party, to a place where I’ve been for a while.

I think this goes back a long way, if you go all the way back to the original civil rights movement of the 1960s, I think that many Jews were an integral part of that movement and they felt a great solidarity with the civil rights movement and civil rights leaders, because they felt like they had a shared history of persecution. That blacks in America had suffered from racism, Jews around the world felt like they had suffered from anti-Semitism, and they basically believed that all races should be treated equally, we should have individual rights, and basically, they were advocating for color-blind treatment of all people.

So I think Jews, historically, have wanted to be on the left for that reason. But I think what’s happened over the last few decades is that the civil rights movement, in particular, and the left have moved to this woke ideology where it’s no longer about colorblindness. It’s more about identity groups.

Here’s the video, which was shared by Elon Musk.

American Jews will find themselves very welcomed on the right. The radical left has adopted a destructive ideology which sees the entire world through a lens of race and oppressed vs. oppressors. It’s un-American.


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