Police officers threatened with knife – Algerian pickpocket arrested in Cologne

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Written By Maya Cantina

COLOGNE. On Saturday, a 17-year-old Algerian tried to attack a police officer with a knife in Cologne. Rather he and his 18-year-old companion – also Algerian – were checked at the Cologne Messe/Deutz train station because they allegedly stole two suitcases on an ICE train from Cologne to Düsseldorf. Witnesses informed the train staff, after which the train chief informed the federal police.

While the two suspects were being searched, the 17-year-old pulled a knife from his waistband. “One of the officers responded quickly, put the man on the ground and handcuffed him,” said the Federal Police Directorate in Sankt Augustin of. During the search, officers also found “high-quality headphones” and three mobile phones that clearly did not belong to the two Algerians.

Pickpockets caught with various strange phones

The two stolen suitcases were returned to a 26-year-old woman. According to the police, the two pieces of luggage and their contents are worth approximately 5,800 euros. The owner of one of the stolen mobile phones and headphones was also identified. It concerns a 27-year-old who fell asleep during the train journey and later woke up without his valuables. He found his phone in Cologne and now has it back.

The other mobile phone belongs to a 39-year-old who was robbed a day earlier in Düsseldorf’s old town. He now also has his property back. The owner of the third phone found is still being identified.

The 17-year-old Algerian who pulled his knife during the police check was transferred to the custody of the police station in Cologne. He must be brought to justice. His 18-year-old alleged accomplice was released after his personal details were recorded and allowed to leave. (st)

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