“Pride Month” is being targeted by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

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Written By Maya Cantina

BERLIN. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution did this in its current annual report The ‘Pride Month’ campaign was mentioned for the first time. “The right-wing extremist scene rebelled in the year under review by initiating a ‘Pride Month’ as ​​a ‘patriotic counter-movement’ to the ‘Pride Month’ that was celebrated in June 2023,” said the report published on Tuesday. During the campaign, several conservative and right-wing individuals came together – mainly on the online platform X – and hung German flags with the hashtag Pride Month.

The domestic secret service states in its annual report that “mainly actors from the environment of the ‘Identitarian Movement Germany’, but also other representatives of the right-wing extremist spectrum” took part in the action. Members of the Junge Alternative, listed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a “suspected case” in the field of right-wing extremism, also took part in the “Pride Month”.

“Pride Month” as a contrast to “Pride Month”

In the past year Critics of ‘Pride Month’ did, in which companies and celebrities decorate their online profile pictures with rainbow flags every June – ostensibly to show their solidarity with the LGBTQ scene – started a counter-campaign. Anyone who would rather celebrate Germany than the ‘LGBTQ community’ can express their national pride with a profile photo with a black, red and gold background. It is also important to use the hashtag ‘Pride Month’.

“Pride Month” also circulates on June X, sometimes in a modified form to circumvent censorship. (st/cit)

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