Pyramid Game Actress Shin Seul-Ki Talks About Her Reunion With Dex After Single Inferno

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Shin Seul-Ki debuted in the Korean entertainment industry with the K-drama Pyramid Game. In the series, she played Seo Do-Ah, and her performance was widely appreciated by the viewers. She got immersed in the character so much that it started to feel quite real. She played a pivotal role in the drama and portrayed the emotions of her characters with utmost dedication.

Following her remarkable debut, Seul-Ki delved into her acting journey in a recent interview, shedding light on her path to success in the industry. While she thought of becoming an announcer, she received her acting job through Miss Chunhyang, in which she participated. She became famous after taking part in Single’s Inferno.

Shin Seul-Ki hopes to meet Dex through a project

Seul-Ki received a lot of support from her Single’s Inferno team while she was at the shoot for Pyramid Game. In a recent interview, as reported in Osen, Seul-Ki was asked about Dex. They met on Single’s Inferno and even formed a connection on the show. However, she ended up with someone else and not Dex at the end of the show. But meeting him through projects won’t be an issue as he is also gearing up to become an actor.

Talking about her relationship with Dex and everything in between, Shin Seul-Ki said, “The reason I didn’t choose Dex during ‘Solo Hell 2’ (Single’s Inferno) was because I was faithful to my emotions. He had a lot to worry about. I hope you watch it as it is broadcast. And I’m also a rookie, so I don’t think I’m giving advice just because Dex is about to debut as an actor. I think it’s right to say that we support each other, and I think it would be amazing if we met in a project.”

You can watch Shin Seul-Ki’s impressive performance in Pyramid Game streaming on TVNing.


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