Reacher Season 2 Teases Us With The Mention Of A Season 1 Favorite

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In “Reacher” season 2, episode 7, the Special Investigators are looking for a safe place to stash former New Age Director of Operations Marlo Burns (Christina Cox) and her daughter. Having tracked down Burns and learned the details of Shane Langston’s corruption, the team needs help to keep the pair safe while they go after Robert Patrick’s villain and his cronies.

At this point, Francis Neagley (Maria Sten) asks Reacher if he still trusts Roscoe Conklin, briefly hinting at a possible return of his former lover and friend. Karla Dixon (Serinda Swan) then asks “Who’s Roscoe,” to which Reacher replies, “She’s a friend back in Margrave.” He then dismisses the idea of asking Roscoe to watch over Marlo and her daughter as unsafe due to Langston potentially being able to track them to Georgia.

Showrunner Nick Santora previously seemed to confirm that neither Roscoe nor Oscar Finlay would return for season 2, mainly because he and his team are trying to stay as faithful to the books as possible. In Lee Child’s novels, neither character returns after they appear in “Killing Floor,” the book on which season 1 of “Reacher” is based. They certainly don’t show up in “Bad Luck and Trouble,” the book from which season 2 takes its cues. But as we’ve seen, Finlay did indeed come back to help out his old pal this season, so is a Roscoe return possibly on the cards?


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