Ripple CEO Lambasts Scammers as “Pathetic Lowlifes”: “We Are Fighting Back”

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Written By Maya Cantina

In a recent post on the X social media network, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse railed against bad actors who impersonate him in order to scam social media users.


The executive says that his company is “fighting back” against the “pathetic lowlifes” who are trying to use his identity for nefarious reasons.

Garlinghouse attached a fun video clip that features his doppelganger in plaid pajama pants.

The doppelganger is promoting a popular giveaway scam that aims to deceive gullible users by promising them to return double the amount of crypto they sent to the fraudster’s wallet. 

“Ripple will never ask you to send us XRP…At least they got my hair right,” the real Garlinghouse in a suit quipped at the end of the video clip. 

In a subsequent social media post, Garlinghouse urged the XRP community to stay safe. “A big shout out to the creative minds at Ripple who came up with this video,” he added. 

Ripple has been fighting against Ripple scams for years. In 2020, the blockchain company even took video hosting giant YouTube over the proliferation of cryptocurrency scams. Ripple then settled with YouTube the following year. However, this did not put an end to persistent XRP fraudsters. 

XRP scams are now getting way more sophisticated because of the advent of AI technologies. As reported by U.Today, an extremely realistic deepfake with Garlinghouse emerged on social media. The deepfake mimicked Garlinghouse’s voice with impressive accuracy.


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