Saw XI: Release Date And Other Things We Know About The Horror Sequel

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Are you ready to play another game? Because Saw XI is confirmed, and this is what we know. 

I’m sure plenty come to mind when it comes to some of the best horror movies out there. One of the most iconic horror films ever was Saw, which spawned an entire franchise, a new horror movie villain, and endless sequels. Now, Saw XI – or Saw 11 – is confirmed and has been for some time. But when is this new entry going to come out? And who can we expect to see back? Here is what we know so far about the upcoming horror movie. 

What Is The Saw XI Release Date?

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When writing this in March 2024, Saw XI’s set release date is September 27, 2024. It was announced on the official Saw Instagram page, confirming that the new horror movie will be released this year:

This is a big surprise for our 2024 movie schedule. Saw X was released in October 2023, so it wasn’t that long ago that we got the latest entry in the franchise, and there hasn’t been any news yet regarding a production start date. To have a new one so quickly is quite shocking.

September 2024 is packed to the brim with new releases too, such as the long-awaited sequel, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, an animated Transformers film, simply titled Transformers One, another new horror movie, Speak No Evil starring James McAvoy, and more. So Saw XI will be joined by plenty of familiar faces. 

Saw XI Could Be A Direct Sequel To Saw X

Saw XI: Release Date And Other Things We Know About The Horror Sequel

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In March 2024, we still don’t know what the actual plot of Saw XI will be. The film was announced in early December 2023, but little else has come out regarding the new movie when it comes to the story. 

However, it may end up being a direct sequel to Saw X. In an interview with SFX (via GamesRader), producer Oren Koules told the outlet that there are plenty of characters that are still around at the end of Saw X, which would make the most “natural” sense to lean into that:

Cecilia is still alive and Tobin and Shawnee are in a foreign country still. So that, to me, would be the natural place to take at least the next one.

For those who don’t remember, Saw X was a prequel film, not a direct sequel to the previous Saw film — Saw: Spiral, released in 2021 and starred Chris Rock. The ending of Saw X left many questions that we don’t know the answer to just yet, so maybe Saw XI will give us the answers we oh-so-want. We’ll have to wait for more information to know for sure if this new movie will connect directly to the last one. 

No Cast Has Been Confirmed – But If It Is A Sequel To Saw X, Previous Characters Might Reprise Their Roles

Saw XI: Release Date And Other Things We Know About The Horror Sequel

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There has yet to be any official confirmation of who will star in Saw XI. This is surprising, considering the film is set to come out later this year in 2024, and nothing has been announced about who will return. 

But if this is a sequel to Saw X, we could see many more familiar faces.

As mentioned before, three characters are still very much out there at the end of Saw X. These include:

Tobin Bell as John Kramer

Tobin Bell played John Kramer, otherwise known as Jigsaw in the Saw films, and he returned to the role of Saw X. He’s also appeared in films like Mississippi Burning, Walker Texas Ranger, and more. He even had a role in The Sopranos. 

Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young

Shawnee Smith also reprised her role as Amanda Young for the prequel film Saw X. She’s also appeared in other shows like Becker and The X-Files. The character, Amanda, was featured in the first three Saw films and the fifth. 

Synnøve Macody Lund as Cecilia Pederson

Synnøve Macody Lund plays Cecilia Pederson, a new character in Saw X and one of the few alive from the end. The actress has appeared in Ragnarok and the TV series Riviera. 

With these three still out there, the next film could continue Saw XI, meaning it would likely be another prequel. Mark Burg, a producer for Saw X, even spoke to Dexerto in September 2023 that they have gotten calls from former actors who have requested to come back to the franchise if they are planning on doing a prequel again:

And should this movie work, there are going to be a bunch of actors from the past who have already called wanting to know if they can come and be in the next movie since we’re going back in time.

If we get another prequel, it’s going to be epic. 

Kevin Greutert Is Reportedly Coming Back To Direct

Saw XI: Release Date And Other Things We Know About The Horror Sequel

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In February 2024, Bloody Disgusting reported that Kevin Greutert would return to direct Saw XI. Greutert has heavy connections to the Saw franchise, where he has edited several of the Saw films and directed both Saw VI, Saw 3D, and Saw X, which was major news when he decided to come back to the series. Aside from that, he’s also directed Jessabelle, Visions, and Jackals. 

Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger Will Not Be Back For Saw XI

Saw XI: Release Date And Other Things We Know About The Horror Sequel

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The last thing we know for sure is that Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, the writers behind the story of Saw X, which was well-received in 2023, confirmed they will not be returning for Saw XI. Stolberg confirmed it in a Twitter post in December 2023, saying that he and Goldberg would sit “this chapter out:”

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He also continued to thank fans for their support and “kind words” in another Twitter post despite them not coming back for the eleventh chapter in the Saw franchise:

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We’re unsure what this means for the next movie’s story aside from the fact that they won’t pen it, but hopefully, it’ll be just as good. 

The release of Saw XI isn’t that far away, and I don’t think we will be prepared for how epic and bloody it will most likely be. 


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