Scream 7’s Director Reveals He’s Leaving The Film After Melissa Barrera And Jenna Ortega’s Exits: ‘A Dream Job That Turned Into A Nightmare’

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Written By Maya Cantina

Following the exits of Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega from Scream 7, director Christopher Landon has announced that he stepped down from the horror film too. In a statement regarding the decision, he said this “dream job” “turned into a nightmare,” and he explained why it was time to “move on” from the project.

Taking to X, Landon posted a candid statement about why he’s decided to step away from Scream 7. The director wrote:

I guess now is as good a time as any to announce I formally exited Scream 7 weeks ago. This will disappoint some and delight others. It was a dream job that turned into a nightmare. And my heart did break for everyone involved. Everyone. But it’s time to move on. I have nothing more to add to the conversation other than I hope Wes’ legacy thrives and lifts above the din of a divided world. What he and Kevin created is something amazing and I was honored to have even the briefest moment basking in their glow.

Landon made it clear that he’s devastated for “everyone involved.” And he reiterated that he meant “everyone.” This news comes after Melissa Barrera was fired from Scream 7, and Jenna Ortega announced she wouldn’t be returning. 

Barrera was reportedly fired because of comments she made about the current conflict between Hamas and Israel on social media. Following the news that she’d no longer be playing Sam, Landon responded to her firing, writing:

This is my statement: 💔 Everything sucks. Stop yelling. This was not my decision to make.

Then after Barrera’s departure, Jenna Ortega left Scream 7. It was later reported that the Wednesday star allegedly decided to not move forward with the upcoming horror movie because of her shooting schedules for the aforementioned Netflix series and Beetlejuice 2 as well as disagreements over her paycheck. 

With the two leading ladies of the modern Scream franchise gone, it posed a lot of questions about the future of Scream 7. There were rumors that the seventh film could bring back legacy characters Sidney and Mark played by Neve Campbell and Patrick Dempsey. However, that is not confirmed. Now, with no director either, there isn’t much we know about Scream 7’s future. 

Coming off of Happy Death Day, Christopher Landon was hired to direct Scream 7 in August. The last two Scream films had been helmed by Radio Silence, and Landon was in the process of creating the third installment in this new generation of movies. 

In 2019, years before he was hired, Landon spoke about his love for Scream, and as he stated in his most recent post, Scream 7 was a dream job. However, following the exits of the two leading ladies and the drama surrounding it, the project quickly turned into a “nightmare.”

While he has decided to leave the franchise, his statement also reiterated his love for Wes Craven’s beloved horror movies.

At the moment we do not know who will take Landon’s place and how they will proceed with the story without Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega. However, as the situation surrounding Scream 7 develops, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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