Sharika Soal: Anti-Whiteness Is A Tool That Enables Black Crime Against Children

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Written By Maya Cantina

Anti-whiteness and lack of accountability are strong within the black community. The black community, in my opinion, uses “white supremacy” to avoid these conversations and, dare I say, gets away with it because a large portion of our government enables this behavior.

Anti-whiteness hurts everyone in the world, not just America, who is a law-abiding, productive citizen. Mugshots fill up social media feeds with black offenders who have committed crimes against their race and others. What does it say to America when the legacy of the black man is that he may kill, rape, and assault every race and get sympathy in return? It is time for good people to stand up and seriously consider where the fight for “black liberation” is leading the nation.

Just this past week, several horrific headlines were published involving members of the black community. One specifically I found most alarming was a well-known black trans activist. Kendall Stephens was arrested a few days ago for raping two minors in Philadephia, as the Gateway Pundit reported

The black trans community has never been known for being safe and has long been, in my opinion, a recruiter of sexual misconduct with teens and underage youth. Confused LGBT youth who feel detached from their biological family run to older black gays looking for understanding, and this often results in predatory assaults that go unreported as most trans do not use their legal names, so reporting the assaults can be difficult for minor victims.

When white people witness anti-whiteness from black people and then see them only address “white supremacy” in public, it should seep in that everyone, including the black women, being told to stand up and protest against cops, is being played by the degenerates in the community. The problem is we don’t always know who the degenerate thug is until we get his mugshot.

Chicago ABC reports

According to a proffer from court, Joshua Williams, a 24-year-old now facing first-degree murder charges, was in a “dating relationship” with 15-year-old Amarise Parker, who he is now accused of killing.

Parker’s parents had filed numerous missing reports for the teen, who had been staying with Williams for a number of days before her death.

Parker, a sophomore at CICS Longwood High School was reported missing on Nov. 26. Family told NBC Chicago she returned home Monday, but then went missing again.

Sadly, that was the last time the Willaims would see their daughter alive.

On Dec. 11, Parker stayed overnight at Williams’ home, prosecutors said, and a neighbor overheard them arguing into the early morning hours of Dec. 12.

It wasn’t until 7 p.m. on Dec. 12, however, that prosecutors said Williams called his cousin and a friend to tell them that Parker was “foaming at the mouth, and he did not know what to do.” The cousin then called 911 and paramedics “arrived and found [Parker] lying in an open closet with a blanket covering all but her head.”

Parker was found unresponsive in the 7200 block of South Phillips Avenue, Chicago police said.

Emergency responders found a necklace lodged in Parker’s throat and her neck was “red and cut.” She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Black men, whether right or left, spend a lot of time attacking white men. ” The evil white liberal can’t tell me what to do!” or “The evil white republicans need to be stopped.” It is all the same to me when it doesn’t include holding our race accountable for the atrocities committed against other humans, including children. Where is the bravery? How can you fix anything when you don’t even acknowledge it is happening? The community needs strong male leaders, not Twitter personalities, who go viral for saying what we already know. “Biden bad blah blah blah.” I know these words may cause a bit of discomfort, but I do not mean any harm, only to shed light and bring a new perception of the devolution of the black race. A regression, if you will.

Teenage youth in the black community are inundated with nonstop anti-white messaging via videos, posts, and comment sections on social media. This has a real-time effect as violence against white children is becoming more and more prevalent, with arrests being made where a group of teens have attacked and even killed a white teenager they didn’t like for whatever reason. The over-the-top aggression, I believe, stems from the older black people in the community telling these kids the white man has destroyed their life before they have even had a chance to try. That can’t be easy on the mind of a 16-year-old black male child. It’s no excuse for the brutal behavior.

Again, we see a headline and graphic video footage of what Anti-whiteness is doing to the nation. It has seeped into our school system. When you tell black people that it is ok to loot, which is a violent act against an innocent business owner, you are indirectly telling them that all crime is justifiable because white supremacy is to blame for the pain and suffering of a ghetto thug who should turn himself in, instead of strangling a 15yr old or stomping the head of a white kid with a group of his black friends,

The solution is complex, but it is simple. Call out anti-whiteness and all forms of black racism with the same aggression as we do all other forms of hate, or we will continue to see people who feel justified in hurting their communities and others.


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