Shocking details of secret Islamic conference

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Written By Maya Cantina

BERLIN. With the exception of the public, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, led by Nancy Faeser (SPD), promised Islamic associations an ‘Islam Day’ in Germany. She reports that World. It would be a secret for both of them Islamic conferences is actually about something completely different: namely the open and spreading anti-Semitism among Muslims.

But the Islamic representatives denied the accusation at the first meeting in February: hatred of Jews generally does not come from Muslims. On the contrary, there has been a sharp increase in anti-Muslim racism since Hamas’ attack on Israel, the newspaper reported, citing interviews and internal documents.

Their general attitude apparently gave the Islamic associations the upper hand over the government. Faeser’s Ministry now tried to break the icy atmosphere by approaching the interlocutors. One official promised to organize an “Islam Day.”

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Islamic Conference, the Caliphate and the “Our Father”

At a subsequent second secret Islamic conference in May, Jörn Thießen, head of the “Homeland, Democracy and Cohesion” department of the Ministry of the Interior, went one step further. He calmed the association representatives with a bold comparison. Because they were upset after the media criticism of the demand to establish a caliphate in Germany: the Christian “Our Father” also says “Thy kingdom come”.

The putting into perspective of the Islamic marches with the central prayer of the Christians has apparently reassured the other side. A spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior has now explained this World-Research that Thießen, as a studied theologian, “commented on secular and religious ideas about the ‘Kingdom of God’”. A comparison with Islamist ideas has never taken place. (fh)

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