SPD: Ralf Stegner advises more professionalism and less self-pity

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Written By Maya Cantina

After his party’s poor performance in the European elections, SPD member of the Bundestag Ralf Stegner received support from Chancellor Olaf Scholz.SPD) Called for leadership and warned their own faction against self-pity and nostalgia. “The external representation of the SPD must be improved,” said Stegner Editorial Network Germany (RND). “This has consequences not only for the Chancellor, but also for the members of the Bundestag. This is a joint task. There is too much loudness and self-righteousness and too little professionalism.”

The SPD topics are work, pensions, housing and health. “We lost a lot of voters there.” After the SPD’s ‘catastrophic’ European election result of 13.9 percent, it was clear to everyone: ‘Something has to change before the three state elections in the east in September, otherwise the ship will not reach port. The lights must finally stop.” The Chancellor’s leadership is required. The federal budget for 2025 must be drawn up by consensus with good proposals before the summer holidays.

“Toxic cocktail” of cuts and rearmament


warned that the SPD “could not swallow the toxic cocktail of social cuts and rearmament.” The coalition could accommodate the FDP in terms of economic development “if it does not interpret the debt brake as orthodoxly as the Pope interprets celibacy.” The Greens must move on with migration. Violent criminals should be deported.

After the elections, several SPD politicians criticized the party for having to position itself more clearly in public. A a greater awareness of social democratic interests SPD faction leader Rolf Mützenich also said this after the defeat European elections desired by the Chancellor. The former mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller had Scholz also accused of making contradictory statements about Ukrainian policies at the end of the election campaign.

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