Sylt and the new German beaters

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Written By Maya Cantina

Barbel Bas calls for the “maximum punishment” for the ‘foreigners out’ shouters from Sylt. Not the highest possible punishment, mind you. The maximum possible penalty for sedition – if the crime is committed at all – is five years in prison. The maximum penalty is logically the death penalty.

Five years in prison. As a rule, no rapist, no pedophile and certainly no clan member should expect this in Germany. Left-wing terrorist Lina E. was sentenced to five years in prison for the fact that she and her peers ambushed real and suspected right-wing extremists, stormed apartments and smashed their victims’ ankles with hammers to cripple them for life.

Bärbel Bas did not comment on this. Chancellor Scholz also remained silent about it. Nancy Faeser warned – without drawing concrete consequences – of more violence. What else can she say? Finally, Faeser himself wrote for a left-wing extremist Antifa group that was ideologically the Hammer Gang around Lina E.

SPD politician puts Sylt-Krakeeler’s real name on the internet

Last week, political high society celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Basic Law, amid insect tastings and extremely embarrassing singing performances. There was much talk about human ‘dignity’ and its inviolability. A few days later, an SPD politician posted the face and real name of a young woman who was there in Sylt on the Internet and called her “SS Rottenführerin”.

Former left-wing Bundestag party member Niema Movassat calls for the unpixelated faces of the Sylt participants to be distributed so that they “accept the consequences”. Since it is completely irrelevant from a legal point of view whether the faces circulate on the Internet, it does not take much imagination to know what the ‘consequences’ should be. Keyword “Hamer gang”.

Hunt here, hunt there

The debate over Sylt has not lost all measure; it was not fed in moderation from the beginning. How could she? If the Chancellor, the Minister of the Interior and the President of the Bundestag, on paper the number two in the state, immediately and in a prejudicial manner comment on this, the mass has already been sung. The only thing that is actually missing is that Germany involves the UN Security Council. Why don’t we bomb Sylt and deport the fellow shouters of “Sylt”? Three clicks on social networks, and that is exactly what – apparently presented ironically – is already an explicit topic in the left-wing filter bubbles.

So let’s talk about hunting. It was announced last week that the trial against the alleged “hunt” in Chemnitz in 2018 failed spectacularly. Five years later, an overzealous prosecutor was still trying to bring someone to justice for this, based on a story that had long been debunked. Without apparently providing even the slightest bit of evidence that would hold up in court. And this despite the fact that the mayor, a regional newspaper and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution quickly rejected the idea. What ultimately remains is a German murdered by a foreigner and a public prosecutor disgraced to the core. Who is actually delegitimizing what and who here?

Societies in decline are vulnerable to government totalitarianism

The hunt for the Sylt callers, on the other hand, is very real. It takes place under the eyes of an energetic political class, and is even fueled and kept alive. That was called outlawry in the early modern period, and that was certainly not a smart time. The new witch’s hammer is called ‘Fight the Right’. Including instructions for social and – yes, that too – physical destruction.

It is no coincidence that, unlike the Spanish Inquisition, the witch hunt was largely confined to German-speaking countries. At that time, they were confronted with a troubled, changing society in crisis. Current German society is also tottering. It is restless, irritable and no longer able to resolve conflicts without state power.

A country in decline, like Germany very objectively, is susceptible to government totalitarianism. Especially when the government itself is doing everything it can to run this country into the ground. The drunken ladies and gentlemen of the chic Sylt pub arrived at just the right time. Millions of immigrants, mainly young, hopeless and largely uneducated Muslims from, to say the least, dysfunctional societies, an impoverishment of public space largely accepted by the political class, and the impoverishment of a squeezed middle class are leaving their countries. marking. The unsympathetic ‘foreigner go away’ shouts came at just the right time.

The government loses its access

After 45 years of working, Grandma has to collect bottles to make ends meet? Inner cities becoming no-go areas for women? The island’s idiots arrived at just the right time. However, it is doubtful whether the debate will actually achieve what its authors hope. For many citizens, the only thing that probably comes to mind is that they and their concerns are not important as long as nothing happens to “Nazi.”

The VIPs of the political class operate so freely precisely because the otherwise effective “Nazi club” has long since ceased to face right-wing accusations. Potsdam, Krah and now Sylt. And the AfD still stands at 17 percent. They are running out of resources to first monitor citizens’ mouths and then stop them. It’s pure desperation. Some Germans have escaped the government and its grasp. They resent this. Really bad.

Save democracy from the “democracy saviors”

People have been trying to ‘save democracy’ for several months now. The “rule of the people” must therefore be saved. Now also for their own people. Of course it’s just scenery chewing. The only people who go against the right are those who have always been against the right in one way or another – and when in doubt, against the Union. So something new has to be found.

There is a lot of talk about a “mental health crisis” in the United States right now. So the cities are overrun with junkies, homeless people and neglected criminals. The political left also increasingly reminds us – of course on a different level – of exactly such circumstances. The fight against the right is in fact the divisive issue of the political class. But the more you consume, the more you need. Another chance, get high again and shut out the life around you. Again and again and again. Until it stops working and you have ruined yourself and your environment so much that there is nothing left to save. Only we are not talking about streets in San Francisco or Philadelphia, but about the Federal Republic.

Of course, democracy doesn’t need to be saved from drunk, shouting partygoers. It works perfectly. But it must be saved from politicians who outdo each other in their digital manhunt and enjoy it themselves.

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