taz Panter Ostforum: Ramelow, in the mode of melancholy

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Written By Maya Cantina

The group of top politicians* from Thuringia agreed during the taz Panter Ostforum that there should be no coalitions with the AfD.

People sit in a circle, some with microphones

The group of top politicians from Thuringia at the taz Panther forum Photo: Kyaw Soe

ERFURT taz | At the end of this round there was a question intended to provoke the politicians out of their restraint – and at least it succeeded a little: “What do you think about anti-fascism?” asked an audience member at the event entitled “Ungovernable Thuringia?“. The five top people responded dutifully, almost as if it were an honor to explain the jointly examined danger of a monstrous AfD success in the state elections in Thuringia on September 1.

It was a special occasion, as was said succinctly half an hour earlier, because everyone who sat together took this opportunity to explore the possibilities of political alliances after election day, excluding any coalition with the strengthened AfD . So it was basically an ordinary walk across a field of the most delicate china – and everyone was audible and recorded and trying not to cause a mess.

Everyone said yes to the issue of anti-fascism, but CDU man Christian Tischner especially wanted this to be understood implicitly. Above all, he said yes to the Basic Law, to decency and respect, to human dignity, which is indivisible. Katja Wolf of the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance (BSW) said she was aware of unscrewed car wheels and Nazi demonstrations in front of their home address. And Georg Maier, Minister of the Interior of Thuringia, made a distinction between anti-fascism and Antifa – he admitted that it was the former, and with the activists, if he understood it correctly, he had his problems.

Ramelow beams in front of the exit

However, Bodo Ramelow was the most politically and personally interesting politician on stage, the incumbent Prime Minister of this state, and widely popular. According to all surveys, he is more popular than AfD Björn Höcke or Mario Voigt of the CDU. Because he was and is the candidate of the Left Party, his resignation is tragically certain. The governing party, essentially the best social democracy with a prime minister that the SPD generally cannot afford, friendly and clear in its social messages, can hardly become stronger than Mario Voigt’s CDU, and the AfD cannot in any case to outdo.

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The whole program: taz.de/panterforen

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