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Shopping deal with FOCUS online: Open a term deposit account with bonus here! A maximum of 3.8 percent interest and 100 euros are included

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Monday, May 27, 2024, 8:53 am

Investing money is very simple: at WeltSparen you not only open an account within a few minutes, you also receive an exclusive bonus of up to 100 euros and 3.8 percent interest. Invest your money quickly and smartly in term deposits, flexible deposits or daily deposits. You can easily and flexibly determine how your money should be invested. Open an account now and invest your money safely.

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Term account with exclusive bonus

The European Central Bank has indicated that it will cut the key interest rate at its next meeting on June 6, 2024. Currently that is 4.5 percent. Banks in the euro area borrow fresh money from the ECB at this interest rate. The financial institution’s goal is to achieve inflation of two percent again. This will be very close in April 2024 with an inflation rate of 2.2 percent in Germany. In line with the expected interest rate reduction, European financial institutions are slowly adjusting their daily and fixed interest rates on deposits downwards. So does the money have to collect dust under the mattress?

Instead, invest your money wisely with WeltSparen
: Here you invest term deposits, also called term deposits, for one person fixed period in a term deposit account. You will receive one from the bank in question during the entire term constant interest rate. The You can determine the term yourself – from just a few weeks or months to several years. Another advantage: deposits up to 100,000 euros are covered by the law Deposit guarantee protected.

At WeltSparen you have access to free daily and term deposits from 134 partner banks from 26 countries with a current interest rate up to 3.8 percent per year – Fixed deposit safe, reliable and plannable despite the low interest rates. And with just one registration you can complete an unlimited number of investments and manage everything centrally in online banking.

And the best thing: for all new customers who register for the FOCUS online shopping deal with the code WORLD SAVING100A If you register with WeltSparen, you will receive an exclusive bonus of up to 100 euros with your first product purchase. The spread bonus applies to the product categories digital asset management, daily money, flexible money and term deposits with one Minimum deposit of 5000 euros and a minimum term of 6 months.

Voucher code WELTSPAREN100A

Account at WeltSparen – your benefits in detail:

  • Above average Interest on current and term deposits across all terms
  • Choose from more than 400 different offers from home and abroad, many offers from Germany or Sweden, for example best country reviews
  • Permanently higher interest rates, without tempting offers. Currently a maximum of 3.8 percent for term deposits and a maximum of 3.5 percent for daily deposits
  • Easy registration and secure online access
  • At least the following apply to all offers statutory deposit insurance of 100,000 euros
  • The investment is permanent Toll-freethere are no account management fees
  • Investments in term deposits can be made in both euros also in foreign currency possible
  • In the FOCUS online shopping deal: more attractive Bonus up to 100 euros for your initial investment at the code WORLD SAVING100A

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Voucher code WELTSPAREN100A

WeltSparen works so simply

to become a customer

Open your free WeltSparen account in just 3 steps.

Choose offer

Choose the right system from more than 400 offers.

Save smart

Transfer the desired investment amount to your WeltSparen account – WeltSparen will arrange the rest for you!

Voucher code WELTSPAREN100A

Until now 100 euro FOCUS bonus safe – this is how it works:

For all new customers who sign up for the FOCUS deal with the referral code WORLD SAVING100A If you register with WeltSparen, you will receive an exclusive bonus of up to 100 euros with your first product purchase. The bonus applies to the product categories daily money, flexible money and term deposits with one Minimum deposit of 5000 euros and a Minimum term of 6 months.

Only the first product deal applies, meaning the minimum investment cannot be spread across multiple products. The first product transaction must have taken place no later than July 11, 2024.

Investment amount


5,000 to 19,999 euros

25 euros

20,000 to 39,999 euros

50 euros

40,000 to 59,999 euros

75 euros

from 60,000 euros

100 euro

To receive the FOCUS bonus, at the end of the registration process you must: bonus code WORLD SAVING100A be entered in the appropriate field. The premium for fixed and flexible deposits is usually within 14 days deposited into the WeltSpar account after meeting the above criteria.

Bee daily allowance It is assumed that for the first six months after opening, the original deposited investment amount remains fully and continuously invested in the selected daily cash account. The bonus is then usually paid into the WeltSparen account within 14 days after the set criteria have been met.

The FOCUS bonus Only applies to private customers and cannot be combined with the Miles & More program.

Voucher code WELTSPAREN100A

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