Tesla excludes grandmother, granddaughter (2) is stuck in the car in the heat

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Tesla breaks down when the temperature rises: Because the battery is suddenly empty, a grandmother in the US stands in front of her completely closed car. Your grandson is alone in the car. Risk of death!

Renee Sanchez from Arizona State suffered the horror of her life. Her two-year-old granddaughter sat in hers as the heat increased Tesla included. Apparently the vehicle’s battery suddenly died. Like the woman “AZ Family” According to reports, she had just gotten her granddaughter ready for a trip to the zoo and was then locked out of her Tesla without warning.

Sánchez told the station that despite several attempts, she was unable to open the car with her phone key or card key. She had no choice but to call the fire brigade.

“Ugh, that’s a Tesla”

But as soon as they arrived, the firefighters expressed their concerns: “Uggh, that’s a Tesla. We can’t get in these cars,” they said, according to Sanchez. However, according to the “AZ Family” report, she tried to free her granddaughter from the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if they had to “cut the car in half” to do this.

Firefighters break Tesla windows to save child

Firefighters eventually broke a window to get to the toddler, who now had to endure the increasingly intense heat. Sánchez told AZ Family that her granddaughter started crying when the commotion broke out. A firefighter was eventually able to climb through the broken window and free the girl, who was given a small fire helmet to calm her down.

According to Tesla customer service, the driver should have received three warnings before the battery failed. However, Sánchez assured that she had not received any warning. “If the battery dies, you’re lost,” she said.

The 73-year-old was trapped in his Tesla

There was one in Arizona last year A similar case occurred with a Tesla. The driver, a 73-year-old man, was trapped in his car at the time. “The whole car was just dead,” he later told ABC15. He couldn’t open the doors or lower the window. The central computer stopped responding altogether.

The incident ultimately had a happy ending for him too. At a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, the nurse who was called was able to free the 73-year-old from the car. However, a window also broke.

The car becomes a heat trap within minutes

Both cases involved accidents. But many people underestimate the danger. That is why the ADAC car club warns every year not to leave babies and children alone in the car in the summer. Because the car heats up in a few minutes and there is a risk of circulatory collapse.

“It still happens too often that parents leave their children alone in the car,” reports Maximilian Maurer ADAC in conversation with FOCUS online.

This will be the case at high summer temperatures The vehicle quickly becomes a heat trap. “The air temperature quickly reaches above 50 degrees. The steering wheel, plastic parts, seat covers and child seats can be raised up to 100 degrees,” explains Maximilian Maurer.

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