The clan apparently wanted to prevent a member from being deported

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Written By Maya Cantina

BERLIN. In Berlin, clan criminals are said to have tried to prevent the deportation of one of their members. Officials from the State Criminal Investigation Department are said to have initially visited the Lebanese at his address in Berlin-Neukölln. The incident is said to have taken place about two months ago Focus reported.

Before leaving for BER airport, the man, who according to information from the Image-Newspaper belongs to the criminal Al-Zein clan, who asked police officers to make the call. When officials allowed him to do so, he reportedly called relatives in Arabic and asked for help.

The deportation will only be possible if the police are strengthened

On the way to the airport, several cars and pickup trucks reportedly drove towards the police car and blocked two intersections. Only when the police called for reinforcement did the family members of the deportation candidate lift the blockade. Children were also said to have been in the blocking vehicles – probably to prevent police action. The man who had to leave the country could then be taken to the airport and deported.

It is currently unclear whether the action will have consequences for the perpetrators. When asked by JUNGE FREIHEIT, a spokeswoman said Berlin police, their authority is “currently not aware of facts consistent with the described incident” and referred to the Brandenburg State Police and the Federal Police. (st)

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