The Scariest Horror Shows on HBO Max to Watch Now, April 2024

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Prepare to be scared with the best HBO Max horror movies and TV shows in April 2024. There are a lot of frightening movies on HBO Max, like the classic sci-fi horror movie Aliens, the mind-bending surrealist movie Eraserhead, and the post-apocalyptic series The Last of Us. So, get ready to hide under the blankets with our list of the spookiest content HBO Max has to offer.

What are the best HBO Max horror movies and TV shows in April 2024?

If you’re a horror fanatic or just want to dip your toe in, HBO Max has a great selection of the scariest shows and movies to watch in April 2024. There are many different types of horror movies to choose from, from well-known series to groundbreaking new ones. So, prepare for a scare, and check out our list below.


In Aliens, Ellen Ripley returns to the planet where she first met the dangerous xenomorph in the follow-up to the groundbreaking sci-fi horror classic Alien. With the help of a group of space marines, Ripley has to fight a colony of aliens in a terrifying battle to stay alive. James Cameron’s action-horror masterpiece Aliens has intense set pieces, and Sigourney Weaver gives a strong performance.

The Brood

From David Cronenberg’s twisted mind comes The Brood, a terrifying story about a woman who gives birth to a bunch of violent kids while she is going through experimental treatment. Her estranged husband gets caught up in a web of horror and madness as he tries to find out the truth about the therapy and protect their daughter. Fans of body horror and David Cronenberg’s unique style of storytelling should see The Brood. It has disturbing images, deep psychological themes, and warnings about the risks of letting your emotions run wild.

Cabin Fever

In Cabin Fever, a gory and darkly comedic horror movie, a group of college friends’ vacation in a remote cabin becomes a nightmare when they get a virus that makes people eat flesh. The friends must fight to stay alive against both the virus and each other as the body count rises. Cabin Fever is a wild ride that will make your skin crawl. It has gross-out humor, creative killings, and comments on how social norms break down in times of crisis.


David Lynch’s first full-length movie, Eraserhead, takes you into a strange and scary world. Henry Spencer is the main character of the story. He lives in a dark industrial area and is left to care for his deformed baby while dealing with a series of strange and scary events. The disturbing images, creepy sounds, and mysterious plot of Eraserhead make it a groundbreaking avant-garde horror film that continues to amaze and fascinate viewers decades after it came out.

Evil Dead Rise

In Evil Dead Rise, the latest movie in the iconic Evil Dead series, two estranged sisters have to fight for their lives when one of them is possessed by a powerful demon. The film takes place in an apartment building in Los Angeles and brings the series’ signature mix of blood, humor, and realistic effects to a new city setting. Fans of the series and anyone else looking for a wild and bloody good time should watch Evil Dead Rise.

From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn is a genre-bending thrill ride from the minds of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. It’s about two criminal brothers who are on the run and hold a family hostage before running away to a remote strip club. However, the predators soon become the prey and have to fight for their lives until dawn because the club is loaded with vampires. From Dusk Till Dawn is a bloody good time. It has a mix of crime thriller and supernatural horror, outstanding performances by George Clooney and Salma Hayek, and contains Tarantino’s trademark wit and style.


In Hereditary, a scary and heartbreaking horror movie, Annie Graham and her family start to learn scary things about their ancestry after her mother dies. As supernatural and terrifying things begin to happen, Annie has to face the evil forces that have been passed down through generations. With its slow-burning plot, shocking turns, and Toni Collette’s fantastic performance, Hereditary is a modern horror classic that will stay with you long after the movie ends.

Inland Empire

Explore the confusing world of David Lynch’s epic and mind-bending Inland Empire. In the movie, an actor starts to lose her mind as she works on a film and gets caught up in a web of mystery and madness. With its non-linear plot, strange images, and themes of identity and artistic creation, Inland Empire is an experimental horror masterpiece that demands to be seen more than once.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic thriller based on the well-reviewed video game of the same name. It follows Joel as he leads a young girl named Ellie, who is immune to a fungus that causes a zombie-like affliction, through a dangerous and deadly environment as they make their way west, where a group is working on a cure. Joel and Ellie form a strong bond as they explore the ruins of society and fight off infected humans and cruel bandits. They learn about how desperate and inhumane people can be when confronted with the worst.

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is a thrilling and romantic horror show about a young girl named Elena Gilbert who is stuck in a love triangle with two vampire brothers. As Elena deals with the problems of high school, family, and love in the town of Mystic Falls, the show looks into the past of vampires, werewolves, witches, and other supernatural beings. The Vampire Diaries is a guilty pleasure that’ll sink its fangs into you before you know it.


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