The Way You Watch A24 Movies At Home Is About To Change, Here’s What You Need To Know

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For viewers, the change is simple: if you want to watch an A24 movie from the past, present, or future, it’s going to require access to HBO, Max, and/or Cinemax. Otherwise, you will have to pay to rent them on VOD or purchase a physical copy. But this will, in all likelihood, make these movies instantly more accessible to a much wider audience. A24 previously had a deal with Showtime and, with that ending, they were able to cut this new deal. With all due respect, HBO alone would bring way more attention to these movies after their theatrical releases.

A24 has truly ascended over the last decade to make a real name for itself. Even casual moviegoers know what to expect from an A24 movie these days. Few studios can buy the good press that A24 logo instantly buys with audiences. That makes this a logical deal for Warner Bros. Discovery, as these movies bring a great deal of value to HBO and Max. Yes, Cinemax as well, but that’s the smaller fish, to be certain. These are films that can drive meaningful viewership, and as the streaming wars rage on, any edge one can find is worth exploring.

This deal also aligns with A24’s more recent business strategy, for as much as these movies garner a great deal of acclaim, few of the studio’s movies have truly broken through at the box office, save for the likes of “Hereditary” and this year’s “Talk to Me.” There are far more disappointments like “Under the Silver Lake.” As a result, the company is looking to shore up its finances and seek out more franchise and audience-friendly films in the future. Getting previous and recent releases in front of more viewers falls right in line with that ideology.


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