These Altcoins Can Skyrocket In April With Major Exchange Listing

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Written By Pinang Driod

Market traders are now searching for the next altcoin that could offer big returns ahead of the Bitcoin halving event. Several altcoins are now preparing for a skyrocketing surge in value in the anticipation of major exchange listings in April. These listings will not only enhance liquidity but also provide a stamp of legitimacy and trigger a hype, attracting a wide range of investors. In this article, we’ll discover which cryptocurrencies are most likely to be listed on leading exchanges in April, potentially boosting their values.

These Coins Might Pump In April

The announcement from Binance about the listing of Book of Meme (BOME) on March 16th, created a 1000% pump for the meme coin. This particularly benefited smart whales who utilized the hype surrounding the pre-listing. Consequently, investors are now scouting for the next coin with potential for listing on leading exchanges, aiming to identify such opportunities in advance to maximize gains from the surge in value upon listing.


Smog Token ($SMOG) fulfills all the requirements that Binance seeks in a listing candidate, having a massive community and $600K trading volume. The project further enhances its appeal with a Zealy campaign, encouraging users to gain additional airdrop points through various activities, including participating in community discussions.

The team has allocated an impressive 35% of the supply to support the anticipated airdrop. Given the project’s $300 million market capitalization, this allocation translates to over $100 million set to be distributed among $SMOG holders.

SMOG token is currently at $0.17 and upon listing on Binance, we might see its price breaking above the $1 mark.


Leading meme coins including Dogecoin, Shiba Inu might face a decline in buying demand as Dogecoin20 aims to dominate the market. This meme coin secured $2 million within the first four hours of its launch. Dogecoin20 aims to become Elon Musk’s preferred meme coin with a robust roadmap by implementing a proof-of-stake (PoS) mining algorithm.

This PoS framework enables DOGE20 holders to stake their tokens, thereby earning passive income, which serves as an incentive. To support this staking initiative, the team has dedicated 15% of the entire DOGE20 supply to reward stakers over the upcoming two years.

Moreover, Dogecoin20 introduces a deflationary mechanism, setting its total supply cap at 140 billion tokens. This move effectively addresses and halts the infinite inflation issue associated with the original Dogecoin. 

Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) ranks as a leading altcoin to keep an eye on, with numerous experts expecting a potential listing on Binance. This is due to the robust supply characteristics, which might trigger a supply shock in the open market, potentially skyrocketing its value in April.

Green Bitcoin uses a predict-to-earn model, enabling participants to predict Bitcoin’s future value. Successful predictions yield considerable rewards, according to the accuracy and scale of the investor’s commitment.


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