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2:10 p.m., First of all: red roses

Tina is shocked when Ben accuses her of planning to kidnap Louis and refuses to let her see her son alone from then on. Instead, he hires Simon as a babysitter, but claims he will take care of everything himself. Tina is forced to take legal action. Meanwhile, Carla is looking forward to the visit of famous chef Johann Lafer to her restaurant “Carlas”. Under pressure, she decides to use her food truck experience and serves him a burger which he enjoys. Inspired by his visit, she considers buying the fish stall that is for sale.

5.30 pm, RTL: Among us

Bambi and Sina want to support Amelie in her latest career choice and plan to surprise Susanne with a demonstration, but her reaction is unexpected. Ute wants to get rid of Patrizia for good, and Benedikt gives her the reason why she should do so. Paula justifies a little cheating for a good cause, but can’t fully enjoy her success.

7.05 pm, RTL: Everything that counts

Imani is frustrated with Jenny and Kilian and unintentionally hurts Tom. Charlie tries to apologize to Overath, but her impulsive behavior only makes the situation worse. Hanna is facing higher compensation payments than expected, but is optimistic about her future as a full-time yoga teacher.

7.40 pm, RTL: Good times, bad times

Jonas receives a request for an interview about his song, but is reluctant to appear in public. Only after Flo shows him the positive effect of his texts does he decide to take the step. The ongoing tensions between Tobias and Katrin put increasing pressure on their daily lives. After another argument, Katrin tries to approach Tobias, but he prefers to spend time alone.

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