Top Exchange Listings Could Pump These Altcoins to 5x-10x Gains

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Written By Pinang Driod

With the Bitcoin Halving bringing a kickstarting the bull market, several altcoins stand on the brink of potentially explosive growth. As these underrated altcoins come with a low market cap, the upside potential is massive. 

Further, the whales and smart money are on the constant lookout for such altcoins. To boost their bull run, potential listing top exchanges could result in 5x to 10x gains.

So, with a massive risk-to-rewards ratio, let’s have a closer look at these underrated altcoins that could jump 5x-10x with top exchange listing. 

Aura Finance (AURA)

Aura Finance (AURA) is a protocol built on top of the Balancer system designed to optimize rewards for liquidity providers and BAL stakers. It features tokenized exposure to veBAL with its token auraBAL, offering yield and governance power to its users. 

With a circulating supply of around 51.38 million AURA tokens, the project holds a market cap of approximately $37.26 million. Further, the triangle pattern and the consolidation within 50D and 200D EMA projects highly coiled up trend momentum.

Therefore, the altcoin not only shows long-term gains but also short-term entry opportunities for sideliners. 

Blocksquare Token (BST)

Blocksquare Token (BST) is paving the way in the property technology sector by creating an infrastructure that digitises real estate assets. This technology enables various entities to tokenize property values, create investment platforms, and offer online tokenized real estate deals. 

BST, a utility token, facilitates participation in Blocksquare’s ecosystem by allowing for staking and community governance.

Along with the massive uptrend in motion, the BST price trend showcases a high likelihood of a bull run. With a bullish flag in the daily chart, the positive trend in the 50D and 200D EMA bolsters the 10x moonshot chances for the altcoin. 

Penpie (PNP)

Penpie (PNP) is an innovative DeFi protocol designed to augment the user experience on Pendle Finance. It operates by locking PENDLE tokens to enhance yield and governance capabilities. Penpie offers users a strategic approach to maximize their investment returns while monetizing governance power. 

With a circulating supply of 1.5 million PNP out of a maximum of 10 million, it has a market cap of approximately $5.8 million. This highlights the niche yet growing presence of Penpie in the DeFi space. 

With a rounding bottom breakout in the weekly chart, the altcoin price trend showcases a bullish reversal. Additionally, the growing momentum with the overall market recovery offers a 5x-10x surge chance in Penpie. 

BlueMove (MOVE)

BlueMove (MOVE) is a community-driven NFT marketplace that operates on the Aptos and Sui Blockchains. It rewards traders, collectors, and creators for their engagement and simplifies creating and listing NFT collections. 

MOVE tokens are used for staking incentives, on-chain governance, participation in launchpad projects, and product development funding. It stands out for its mobile support and multi-chain NFT trading, providing a comprehensive platform for NFT enthusiasts.

Despite a bullish turnaround, the MOVE token shows an intense pullback in motion, leading to a drop to $0.0715. Nevertheless, the rounding reversal and the underlying shift in the sentiments project a long-term uptrend for the altcoin. 


TOWER Token is part of an innovative project to integrate free-to-play gaming with blockchain technology, creating a play-to-earn ecosystem. It’s a central part of the Crazy Kings game franchise and is poised to play a key role in an upcoming blockchain PC game. 


The project has seen a recent price increase, with a current market cap of approximately $9.4 million, indicating a growing interest in blending gaming and blockchain.

Despite being at a 90% discount from its all-time high, the TOWER price trend shows a bullish reversal in motion. The altcoin has increased by more than 500% in 2024 and signals a longer run. Hence, the TOWER price showcases a high likelihood of a 10x surge. 


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