Tucker Carlson Episode 64 with Actor Dennis Quaid: What Happens if America’s Power Grid Fails? (Video)

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Actor Dennis Quaid sits down with Tucker Carlson

On episode 64, Tucker Carlson sits down with actor Dennis Quaid to discuss the risk to America’s power grid, something the American government seems to be ignoring.

Tucker Carlson:So I mean, I could ask you a million questions, I want to get right to the project that’s coming up right now about our power grid that you did. Can you just give us a quick overview what this is and why did you do it?

Dennis Quaid:It’s called grid down, power up. And, it’s about an issue which concerned me really for quite some time. I, they did a little segment on 60 minutes about this, but basically, there is a 100% probability that our sun generating what they call a GMD, a, which is a solar storm that hits hard, hits our Earth, and, the magnetic field that we have around the Earth and can fry everything that is electric above the ground, including our entire grid.

Tucker: And this would happen organically. Naturally. And that’s just what the sun does.

Quaid: It has happened. There was a they call it a Carrington event, which happened in I think it was 1859. And at that time, basically we had telegraph lines as far as electricity goes, and it fried our entire telegraph system. It was set up, had to be replaced and-

Tucker: The entire thing?

Quaid:The entire thing. And so imagine what that would do now with a very large storm, which there’s a 100% chance of it happening. And that was a 100 year event. They call that one.

Tucker: And, and I’m not good at math, but-

Quaid: It’s trillions of dollars that it would take to to replace all that. Plus there wouldn’t we wouldn’t even get to spend those trillions of dollars because the, it would take out not only the electricity, but, you know, all of our entire infrastructure and our society runs our electricity. We don’t know how to live without it. Yeah, you turn on, there would be water in your tap there, you couldn’t get gas for your car because the the whole system is broken down. Everything that we rely upon would be gone. The food would melt in our refrigerators. There would be, and they predict within a year about 90% of the population would be dead from starvation, disease or, you know, people. And it gets back to the Stone age again.

Tucker: Killing each other?

Dennis: Yeah.

Tucker: Well that’s shocking, bit of information that.

Quaid: Really lifts your day doesn’t it.

Tucker: It does. I mean, I just sort of I’m adding that’s to the Armageddon file that’s growing.

Quaid: Nobody’s really talking about it. And in fact, President Trump actually, signed an executive order to, harden our grid to protect ourselves against an event like this happening. Obama, tried to get that going as well. And, it’s stuck in these regulatory agencies that, you know, and lobbyists because money needs to spend most of our, grid power companies are privately owned, and you can understand them not wanting to spend money on something that might occur. But this is definitely going to occur.

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