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8:15 p.m., VOX, The Lions’ Den, founders’ show

In the grand finale of the 15th season of “The lion’s denFounder Igor Bukin ensures this with his Chipolos. The 48-year-old has diabetes and has to watch his carbohydrate intake every day. In order not to have to go without snacks, he developed a soy-based snack. contains 95% fewer carbohydrates than conventional chips and aims to prevent blood sugar spikes. Does he enjoy the Chipolos on the shelf?

8:15 PM, ONE, When in doubt, Drama

For the involved pastor Judith Ehrmann (Claudia Michelsen), her role as emergency pastor is more than just part of her work: offering support to people is a calling for her. But when her son’s 16-year-old classmate dies in a car accident, it has a special impact on her. The emotional aftermath of the accident also threatens to throw them off track. Judith starts to doubt herself, her job – but also her family. Because suddenly everything seems to indicate that her own husband and son were involved in the accident and now want to cover it up.

8:15 PM, RTL, Undercover Boss, reality soap

Ben Brahim is Managing Director of Accor Germany. With around 5,400 hotels worldwide, the French company is currently the largest hotel group in Europe. The aftermath of the pandemic poses challenges to the sector: despite the desire to travel, there is a lack of personnel. To keep the situation in the hotels under control, the Berlin resident works undercover in housekeeping, kitchen, service and construction and reaches his limits.

8:15 PM, Saturday 1, The big holiday check – Our trend goals for 2024, report

Dream holiday at a trendy destination: which holiday spots should you not miss in 2024? Sat 1 View destinations that promise a special family trip, a relaxing singles holiday or the perfect couples trip. But does trendy also mean expensive or how do you find a price hit? Are all holiday promises fulfilled? And which hidden holiday oases have what it takes to become the next trend travel destination? Presenter Elena Uhlig and her guests look at the most exciting travel destinations of the year.

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8:15 PM, cable eins, Paycheck – The Reckoning, science fiction thriller

Michael Jennings (Ben Affleck) is one of the best reverse engineers around. He is hired by companies to dismantle and recreate competitors’ technology. His memory will then be erased for the duration of this work. But one day he realizes that someone is trying to kill him and… Police is after him. A fight to the death begins.

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