Two Great Animated Shows Just Dropped New Seasons On Max – But WB’s Marketing Sure Didn’t Let You Know

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Written By Sedoso Feb

I’ve certainly lost count of how many times I’ve written some form of “animation deserves better” here on /Film, but it’s something I’ll be repeating even if my DNA is harvested so my clone version can attend high school with other niche micro-internet personalities for the “Clone High” reboot in 2090. Animated projects are dismissively canceled at exponentially rapid rates, animators are overworked and underpaid, and they’re constantly battling against grotesquely wealthy tech bros who don’t know the first thing about how an animated series comes to life and foolishly believe AI is the future (it’s not).

The absolute bare minimum the corporations and studios platforming their work can do is let their millions of followers and subscribers know when a new season, series, or movie is out … and they can’t even do that. Instead, writers and animators try like hell to drum up attention through their personal accounts, while fans and entertainment writers do their best to spread the good gospel.

It’s extra annoying to see Max drop the ball on these shows so heavily because both third seasons are fantastic and well worth renewal. “Jellystone!” in particular is a show that could boast the longevity of something like “Bob’s Burgers,” but considering how many people don’t even know the show exists (let alone recently dropped a third season), it’s hard not to feel like those who love it are just screaming into the void.

Anyway, season 3 of “Clone High” and “Jellystone!” are available on Max, and it’s exhausting that I have to be the one to tell you and not, you know, the people who host the show.


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