“Ungrateful”: Daughter rewards parents with vacation to Hawaii, but all they do is complain

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Written By Maya Cantina

A woman came up with a generous gift for her parents: sending them to the island of Kauai. It is about “gohawaii.com“According to the fourth largest island in Hawaii. But the woman’s parents don’t really seem to appreciate the holiday – because instead of thanking them, they complain to their daughter, as they say on “Facebook“ reported.

“The only thing I’ve heard from them is how expensive their food is”

“I sent my parents on vacation to Kauai as a thank you for my mom helping me so much with my kids when I had my fourth baby,” the woman wrote in her post. She and her husband paid for the flight, hotel and rental car.

But so far, neither a thank you, nor an acknowledgment, nor a positive comment has been received. “All I’ve heard from them so far is how expensive their food is,” the mother said. She now wonders if she’s the “jerk” for being angry about the news.

User calls parents ‘incredibly ungrateful’

From the comments it becomes clear: in the opinion of the majority, the woman is not the “bastard”. For example, it says, “I really can’t imagine receiving such a nice gift and just complaining about it.” Another user described the parents as ‘incredibly ungrateful’.

However, there are also people who can understand parents. So one person points out that the woman may have sent her parents to a place they couldn’t afford.

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