WATCH: O’Keefe Media Group Goes Undercover in Fresno, California to Report on Illegal Chinese-Funded Bio Lab

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Written By Maya Cantina

O’Keefe Media Group went undercover in Fresno County, California to report on the Chinese-funded bio lab in Reedley.

On March 3, an illegal bio lab was discovered in a believed-to-be vacant building in Reedley, California in Fresno County.

City code enforcement stumbled upon the building in December 2022 when they discovered a garden hose running up into the building through a hole in the wall. In March, they obtained a warrant to inspect the property, and in April, the Fresno County Department of Public Health ordered an inspection of the facility.

The company alleged to be running the lab, Prestige BioTech, is based out of Nevada and is the successor to Universal Meditech, Inc (UMI). In Dec. 2022, the FDA announced a recall over 56,000 “Skippack Medical Lab” Rapid Anti-Gen COVID-19 tests distributed by UMI to California and Texas.

The Environmental Health Inspector conducted onsite visits and noted numerous violations, according to Judicial Watch: failing to prepare and implement a hazardous materials business plan (HMBP) for storage of hazmat (ethanol) over state thresholds.

Judicial Watch also uncovered court documents that include graphic photos of dead mice at the Reedley facility.

Daniel Sepulveda, US Congressional staffer to Jim Costa admitted the illegal Chinese biolab posed a grave risk to public health and national security. Asked if his boss thought the lab endangered public safety.

“Yes, he does,” Sepulveda stated into a button cameras:

“I saw they had a secret recording the Lab Owner saying he was doing it to benefit the Chinese government”

“I knew months before anybody else did”

“How many other people are creating labs within the United States?”

”There could be more,” he said.



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