‘We can hoist unbiased black-red-gold again’

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Written By Maya Cantina

FRANKFURT AM MAIN. The sole shareholder of the Georgsmarienhütte steel group and former CEO of RWE AG, Jürgen Großmann, has settled scores with “colorfully blocked” Germany. In a guest article for the FAZ he criticizes: “Millions of underqualified migrants enter social systems in a relatively uncontrolled manner.”

This is “anything but targeted immigration to combat our skilled labor shortage.” According to the entrepreneur, passively receiving money from citizens is becoming a “business model that replaces paid work”. He wonders about the billions in costs: “How long will and can society continue to bear this burden?”

Business leaders: competence instead of diversity

Großmann calls for “a functioning railway network, clean facades instead of graffiti-covered slums. Natural language instead of gender-bashing. Competence instead of ‘diversity’ at any price.” According to the 72-year-old, taxpayers wanted to “return to democratic politics for majorities instead of accommodating aggressive minorities.”

The Germans longed for “the return of security and legal peace.” Großmann: “And they would like to be able to fly freely with black, red and gold again, not only at the European Championships – without opinion makers publicly worrying about whether they will still be allowed to do so ‘after Sylt’.” The steel entrepreneur makes it clear: “We should always let the flag fly, but yours doesn’t seem good enough.”

Government insults Germans as right-wing

He refers explicitly to the head of the Deutsche Börse, Theodor Weimer, who recently went viral with an angry speech went. In it he asked rhetorically where the German virtues had gone.

Großmann now answers that “the Germans themselves no longer know this”. Because the Amel had “driven all self-confidence out of them.” The company’s boss writes: “On every occasion, their own government insults them across the board as ‘right-wing’, their behavior is more monitored and suspected than ever, any criticism is suspected of ‘delegitimizing’ the state, as ever was the case. the case in the unfortunate GDR.

The federal government seems to be “relying only on the negative image of the ‘fight against the right’ – instead of being able to demonstrate a positive model of success that promotes hard work and performance.” (fh)

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