Westfield massacre live updates: Chilling Facebook posts of killer who brutally murdered six people in shopping centre emerge as his disturbing infatuation is revealed – and family of slain mum and injured baby break silence

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Follow Daily Mail Australia’s live updates on the fallout of the horrific stabbing at the Bondi Junction Westfield shopping centre on Saturday. 

Disturbing final Facebook posts of Bondi Junction knifeman – and his dangerous obsession

Just six days before the attack, Joel Cauchi, 40, invited Sydneysiders to join him for a surf at Bondi Beach in a post shared to a Facebook group for beginner surfers.

Cauchi wrote: ‘Hi I am surfing Bondi this afternoon if anyone wants to meet there for a surf!’.

The post received a barrage of negative reactions moments after police confirmed Cauchi’s identity on Sunday.

In another post, shared in December 2020 to an outdoor adventure Facebook group for Brisbane residents, Cauchi explained he wanted to meet with people who shoot guns.

‘Hi I am looking for groups of people who shoot guns, including handguns, to meet up with, chat with and get to know. Please send me DM if you can help me out! I live in Brisbane by the way,’ Cauchi wrote.

The 40-year-old is understood to have been obsessed with knives.

His parents, who live at Toowoomba in Queensland, took knives away from their son before he moved to NSW.

Cauchi used a knife to kill six innocent people before he was shot dead by NSW Police.

Family of mother stabbed to death break their silence

The family of 38-year-old Ashlee Good released a statement on Sunday after the mother was fatally stabbed at Bondi Junction on Saturday.

‘Today we are reeling from the terrible loss of Ashlee, a beautiful mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend, all round outstanding human and so much more,’ it read.

‘We appreciate the well-wishes and thoughts of members of the Australian public who have expressed an outpouring of love for Ashlee and our baby girl.’

Ms Good’s nine-month-old baby girl was also stabbed and remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition.

‘We are so grateful for the expert care and attention of the medical team at Sydney Children’s Hospital,’ the statement read.

‘We would also like to thank the New South Wales Police for their kindness and diligence in this tragedy and emergency services for getting our baby the care she needed as quickly as possible.

‘To the two men who held and cared for our baby when Ashlee could not – words cannot express our gratitude.’

Bondi knifeman is identified: NSW Police name attacker responsible for the horrific stabbing that left six people dead

New details emerge about Bondi Junction knifeman that killed six

NSW Police have identified the 40-year-old knifeman as Joel Cauchi.

Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke said he was known to police and originally hailed from Queensland.

‘We know that shortly after coming to Sydney, he took possession of a storage facility that has been identified and we have worked through that very small storage facility,’ he said.

Assistant commissioner Cooke said the attacker ‘very clearly’ had been suffering from mental health issues.

‘We are continuing to work through the profiling of the offender but very clearly to us at this stage it would appear that this is related to the mental health of the individual involved,’ he said.

‘Investigations will very clearly continue through the day.’

According to his social media profiles, Cauchi grew up in Toowoomba and claimed he worked as an English tutor.

He was a surfing enthusiast and just last week posted in a Sydney Facebook group asking if anyone would like to meet him for a surf in Bondi.

Cauchi is understood to have suffered from schizophrenia.

Security guard among six victims killed in attack

A man, who was one of six innocent people killed in the Westfield Bondi Junction attack, is understood to have been a security guard.

‘There was one male murdered, and five females. We understand that the one male was a security guard,’ NSW police commissioner Karen Webb said on Sunday.

NSW police commissioner reveals it could take ‘weeks’ to identify all six victims

NSW police commissioner Karen Webb has revealed it could be weeks before all six victims are identified.

‘It may be some time before we can identify all of the victims, because some family members do not reside in Australia,’ she said on Sunday.

Two of the victims are understood to have recently moved to Australia.

‘A family liaison officer has been appointed to each family for us to work with them in what is an extremely distressing time for them,’ she said.

Police commissioner Webb was joined by NSW premier Chris Minns.

Mr Minns had been in Japan when the attack unfolded and quickly flew back to Sydney.

‘Sydney has suffered a horrifying and violent attack on innocent people who were doing zomething everybody does on the weekend and that is going shopping with their family and their friends,’ he said.

Third victim identified as a mother-of-two

The third of six victims killed in the horrific stabbing spree at Bondi Junction has been identified.

The woman, who the family has requested to not publicly name, is a mother of two from Bellevue Hill in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

She grew up in the Illawarra and was an expert in building conservation.

Mother Ashlee Good, 38, and Dawn Singleton, 25, were earlier identified as the first two victims.

Heartbreaking tributes pour in for stab victims – as devastated Aussies lay flowers at Westfield

Mourners gathered to lay flowers outside Bondi Junction Westfield on Sunday morning.

Wentworth federal MP Allegra Spender described it as ‘heartbreaking’.

‘We are all devastated by the shocking attack at Bondi Junction, where innocent people were killed in a senseless act of violence. It is heartbreaking,’ she said.

‘My heartfelt condolences go out to the victims, their families, and everyone who has been affected. Our thoughts are with each and every one of them.’

Waverley mayor Paula Masselos said she was left in ‘utter disbelief’.

‘It’s a close-knit community, people know each other because it’s a meeting place and considered safe, especially Westfield, where parents bring their kids,’ she said.

‘Importantly… this guy was acting alone. He was known to the Queensland Police. So we think there were mental health issues.’

Local residents begin to lay flowers at the scene if yesterdays mass stabbing at Bondi Junction, Sydney, Sunday, April 14, 2024. The man who fatally stabbed six people in a horror attack at a Sydney shopping centre has been identified as 40-year-old Joel Cauchi who moved to Sydney from Queensland last month. (AAP Image/Dean Lewins) NO ARCHIVING

Grim aftermath of horrific stabbing: Emergency services wheel out bodies of victims

Paramedics were seen wheeling bodies out of the shopping centre after Joel Cauchi, 40, carried out the attack.

Seventeen shoppers were injured – six of whom were killed.

NSW Police Inspector Amy Scott was among the first police officers on scene before she confronted and shot dead Cauchi.

Workers could be seen wheeling bodies, wrapped in a maroon bag, to the front of a long line of white vans, which had arrived to take the victims and their killer away.

Their faces were crestfallen as they wheeled the stretchers out of the shopping centre.

The shopping centre will remain closed for the foreseeable future, though arrangements were being made for those who were forced to flee on Saturday, leaving their cars behind.

Daughter of millionaire businessman identified as stabbing victim

The daughter of millionaire businessman John Singleton has been named among the victims of the Bondi stabbing.

Dawn Singleton, 25, was killed by Joel Cauchi at Bondi Junction Westfield. Dawn is one of six people killed in the horrific attack on Saturday.

Dawn is one of three daughters Singleton had during his marriage to lawyer Julie Martin.

She is understood to have been due to marry a NSW Police officer in the coming months, having been together since high school.

‘They are childhood sweethearts, each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend,’ a source said.

Disturbing theory behind stabbing rampage emerges

A disturbing theory has emerged after knifeman Joel Cauchi went on a stabbing spree and murdered six shoppers at Bondi Junction Westfield on Saturday.

Chilling footage showed Cauchi ignore a man who had bravely attempted to confront him during the attack.

Speculation has been raised the knifeman had been targetting women.

Today show host Karl Stefanovic said he had ‘no words’.

‘I don’t care what the excuses are, and I hope there’s a special place in hell reserved for him, given the fact that he walked past men, and didn’t do anything about it and attacked women,’ he said.

‘A woman with a baby.’

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese condemns ‘unspeakable’ attack

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese held a press conference on Sunday morning, condemning the attack.

‘The events of yesterday have shocked the nation,’ he said.

‘Australians are waking up to try to deal with the shock and trauma that will come with what has occurred, with violent actions that are unspeakable and really just beyond comprehension.’

‘People going about their Saturday afternoon shopping should be safe, shouldn’t be at risk, but tragically, we saw a loss of life and people will be grieving for loved ones today.

‘We also know there are many people still in hospital dealing with a recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with them. We also though at this time give thanks to our police and emergency services.’

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese speaks to the media on the Bondi Junction stabbings, during a press conference in Canberra, Saturday, April 13, 2024. Five people were killed in a mass stabbing at the Sydney shopping centre with the stabber shot dead. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING 13303909 13303923

Mr Albanese praised the response of emergency services and the hero cop – NSW Police Inspector Amy Scott – who brought the knifeman to heel.

‘We also give thanks to our police and emergency services,’ he said.

‘The wonderful inspector who ran into danger by herself and removed the threat that was there to others, without thinking about the risks to herself.

‘We also see the footage of ordinary Australians putting themselves in harm’s way in order to help their fellow citizens. That bravery was quite extraordinary that we saw yesterday.’

NSW Police provide an update on the victims – including a nine-month-old baby girl

Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke provided an update on Sunday on the victims of the horrific stabbing.

Six shoppers were killed yesterday: five women and one man.

Among the victims was 38-year-old mother Ash Good, while her nine-month-old baby Harriet was left fighting for life.

Harriet remains in ICU in a serious but stable condition.

Two of the victims had no family in Australia.

‘This was a terrible scene,’ assistant commissioner Anthony Cooke said.

NSW premier jets back to Sydney from Japan

NSW Premier Chris Minns is flying back to Sydney from a family holiday in Japan.

‘This is a terrible, violent crime and my heart goes out to those that have lost loved ones,’ Mr Minns said.

‘It’s a truly shocking day in the state’s history.’

He has been briefed by NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb.

‘I can understand that people will be grieving and very angry for the next few days, but we will recover, we’ll be strong,’ Mr Minns said.

‘In the midst of a violent, wicked crime, we’ve seen some examples of exemplary courage from the public and, in particular, NSW Police.’

Floral tributes are laid at Westfield overnight – as 12 remain in hospital

Acting NSW Premier Penny Sharpe revealed the number of people recovering in hospital had risen by three overnight, taking the total figure to 12.

Devastated locals have laid flowers at the scene of the horrific stabbing that has left six shoppers dead.

NSW Health Minister Ryan Park praised the heroism of emergency service workers on Sunday.

‘I met with the first paramedics and the crew who were on scene, and what they saw and what they went through is horrendous,’ Mr Park said.

‘No doubt the country wakes up this morning with more questions than answers, but one thing we do know is that the bravery, skill and the sheer courage of those frontline police and paramedics who are first on scene is unbelievable.

‘People are alive today because of their work.’

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. NewsWire Photos. April 14, 2024. A bunch of flowers is left at the entrance to Westfield at the scene on Sunday after several people died, and many others were injured, including a nine-month-old baby, after being stabbed in an attack at SydneyÃs Westfield Bondi Junction on Saturday. A sole man began running around the busy, six-levelled shopping centre armed with a knife and stabbing people across multiple floors around 3.30pm. The man was shot dead by a Ãheroicà police officer who confronted the assailant. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Jeremy Piper

Hero cop who took knifeman down identified as Inspector Amy Scott

The heroic senior female police officer who single-handedly confronted and shot dead a crazed knifeman has previously been recognised for her courage.

The inspector attached to the eastern suburbs police command was near the busy shopping centre as the terrifying rampage unfolded.

The man lunged at Inspector Scott, who shot him dead.

The senior police officer performed CPR on the killer, along with other victims lying on the ground in nearby stores as she waited for back-up to arrive.

Inspector Scott is ‘doing well under the circumstances,’ NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said on Saturday evening.

Tearful television reporter remembers her friend murdered mother Ash Good

A Sky News reporter has fought back tears while remembering a mother who was stabbed to death along with five other shoppers in a horrific and random attack.

Laura Jayes, 40, was visibly distraught during her live cross from Bondi Junction’s Westfield, in Sydney’s east, while reporting on the death of beloved osteopath Ash Good, 38.

Dr Good and her nine-month-old baby girl, who was also stabbed, were both rushed to hospital.

What we know about the crazed killer who stabbed six people to death

The man who fatally stabbed six shoppers before he was shot dead by a hero officer officer in a busy shopping centre was known to police.

Eight others were rushed to hospital with stab wounds including a nine-month-old baby.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb revealed on Saturday night that the bearded dark-haired man, 40, was known to law enforcement.

‘We are waiting to formally identify him and we cannot speculate yet on his identification,’ she said.

‘But let me assure you that we are confident that there’s no ongoing risk and we are dealing with one person who is now deceased.’

Police are yet to determine a motive but it has been ruled out as terrorism incident.

‘We know a little bit about this person, but we’re waiting to confirm his identification,’ Commissioner Webb said.

‘And if in fact it is the person that we believe it is, then we don’t have fears for that person holding an ideation.

‘In other words, that it’s not a terrorism incident.’

Six shoppers were stabbed to death, including 38-year-old mother Dr Ash Good, whose nine-month-old baby daughter was also injured.

Eight others remain in hospital in various conditions.

The shopping centre has been closed and will remain shut on Sunday.

Witnesses say the frenzied attacker slashed at shoppers with his 30cm hunting knife as he went on a wild rampage throughout the centre.

He died in a hail of gunfire after he was shot by the lone female police inspector who ran through the shopping centre to confront him and stop his murderous rampage.

‘All she said was “put it down”. Just once,’ witness Jason Dixon said.

‘Then she shot him in the chest and he went down.

‘Then when he fell on the ground she was giving him CPR.’

Hussein Osseili described how he was in the shopping centre with his six-year-old sister and grandmother when he heard gunshots and immediately knew what they were.

‘I just thought I have to get my family to safety. I told them to leave,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Then I saw a man with a big hunting knife – about 30cm long on the escalator in front of Woolies.

‘He went past Zara and Kmart, he was waving the knife around and stabbing people. He went to level five and then I heard more gunshots of the police. My family is all safe luckily.’

‘There was a lady… and there was just blood everywhere,’ Reid told  Nine News.

‘I realised I had to go and help because that’s what we’re trained to do as lifeguards.’

He and two other members of the public gave the woman first aid, along with police officers.

‘I have never seen so much blood… We were just looking for wounds, trying to stem the bleeding,’ Reid said.

‘As I looked up, there were just multiple victims, about 50m apart. The lady next to us was in a really bad way – there were others working on her.’

Six people were killed and eight are in hospital, including a nine-month-old baby, after a 40-year-old man went on a knife rampage at Westfield shopping centre in Sydney's Bondi Junction., The mass stabbing incident unfolded just after 3pm on Saturday 13 April., The nine-month-old baby girl has now undergone surgery and remains in hospital, while her mother tragically succumbed to her injuries., Of the six victims who died, there were five women and one man., The attacker was also killed after being confronted and shot by a lone hero female police officer, an inspector at New South Wales Police., The condition of the eight people in hospital, which includes the nine-month-old baby, ranges from stable to critical., Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who is making his way back to Australia from Tokyo, thanked the


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