White Cat Legend Ep 17 Recap & Spoilers: Is Ding Yuxi Able To Catch the Murderer of Qin Wan?

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The ongoing thriller C-drama White Cat Legend released episode 17 on February 28, 2024. The series follows the genres of mystery, fantasy, and adventure. It features Ding YuxiZhou QiDing Jiawen, and Zhang Yicong in the leading roles. Wang Wei has directed it, and the original broadcasting network of the drama is iQIYI. The drama is an adaptation of the famous manhwa “Dali Si Rizhi.”

The story of White Cat Legend takes place during the Tang Dynasty. It tells the story of Li Bing (Ding Yuxi), who gets appointed as the Assistant Minister of the Dali temple after the Empress recognizes his worth at a night banquet. Following his leadership, a group of temple members allies to uphold justice in the kingdom. They work hard to solve crimes and bring peace to the people of the kingdom.

In episode 17 of White Cat Legend, Li Bing and the Court of Judicial Review investigate the mysterious death of Qin Wan, the chancellor’s brother. Li Bing points out different possibilities. He wonders if the five minerals powder that the deceased young man consumed distorted his mental state or if he lied about taking the supplement. Meanwhile, Alibaba (Wa Er) arrives at the spot, bearing the news that he somehow lost Vice Minister Shangguan (Ren Min) while investigating. The members start to panic when they hear this.

Shangguan arrives at the Mingjing Hall and announces that she has made progress in the case. A beautiful woman accompanies her. Her name is Ms. Kou. She is the person who redeemed the deceased man’s qin after he pawned it. She also explains that she had a special relationship with Du Cheng, the umbrella maker, and it was he who asked her to redeem the qin. The judicial court also finds out that Qin Wan, the deceased man, made the five minerals powder himself.

They come to know about a sage who manipulated the umbrella maker to get his hands on the five minerals powder. The members raid his place to catch him. But before they can get to him, he overdoses on the five minerals powder and passes out in front of their eyes.

Shangguan declares that the case has been solved. She concludes that Qin Wan hid the five minerals powder inside his qin, and this sage manipulated Du Cheng and murdered Qin Wan to get his hands on this magical supplement. Li Bing, on the other hand, is not satisfied with the findings.

Li Bing decides to interrogate Ms. Kou once again. During the interrogation, she reveals the special bond she shared with Qin Wan. She tells Li Bing about the horrible conditions the chancellor kept his brother. He beat him daily and did not let him play with his beloved qin. Kou helped him hide from debt collectors, and ultimately, he sold his qin to save Kou from being harassed.

White Cat Legend airs from Tuesdays to Sundays. The episodes are available for streaming on iQIYI.


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