Why Do So Many Women Love Reacher? The Season 2 Cast Sounds Off [Exclusive]

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She went on to say that the show resonates so much because “he stands up for these women, not because we’re weak, but because he’s standing beside us and sometimes even behind us.” Swan also noted that she consulted with showrunner Nick Santora about her character, and the two discussed the importance of making her something more than a Bond girl. “I think what’s beautiful is that there’s a mutual support with each character in Reacher that I find really deep and, I think, complex,” she noted.

Sten, meanwhile, called the “Reacher” book series a “romantic fantasy” story, and she’s not wrong: Childs has called Reacher himself a knight-errant figure before, referencing chivalric heroes of Arthurian legend who would go where they’re needed, often saving women and kids, fighting off threats, and just generally being good dudes. “It’s like reading a romantic fantasy novel. For me sometimes when I’m reading Reacher, that’s the vibe I get,” Sten said. “But it’s in this very weird detective, dark tone watching this man unravel in the world.” Personally, I think that last bit gets to the bottom of why so many people of all genders like “Reacher”: it’s weird. The show and books play with fans’ expectations for a hulking action hero at every possible turn, embracing its oddball cast of characters and walking a tonal tightrope.

Obviously “Reacher” isn’t just for men, but I’m glad the cast was able to use a question about the series’ audience demographics as a great jumping off point to dig into the its many small subversions and surprising pleasures. “Reacher” will be back for season 2 beginning December 15, 2023, on Prime Video.


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