Why Fans Think Tom Holland And Zendaya Might Be Having Relationship Issues

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Written By Maya Cantina

They’re one of those rare Hollywood couples that elicit “If they split, love isn’t real!” proclamations, which is why those break-up rumors swirling around Spider-Man: No Way Home co-stars–slash–couple Tom Holland and Zendaya have us concerned. 

Over the years, The Crowded Room actor and the Dune 2 leading lady have used their respective social-media channels to publicly reaffirm their relationship, whether it’s sharing sweet birthday messages or posting thirsty comments on each other’s photos. But one recent Instagram development has everyone wondering if the young power couple are, indeed, still a couple.

As reported by TMZ, just a few days into the new year, Zendaya notably unfollowed everyone on Instagram…including her boyfriend Tom Holland. There was no message to go along with the social-media move—the last post that the Euphoria star shared with her 184 million followers was on January 2, featuring the poster and release date for her much-anticipated tennis drama Challengers, directed by Luca Guadagnino and co-starring Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist. She captioned the post:

Challengers April 26th. Wishing you all the most beautiful new year ✨

So was the great Instagram unfollowing merely some kind of new year reset for 2024 ahead of her high-profile projects, or is it a hint that there’s been a clearing out in the star’s personal life as well? (Holland is still following Zendaya, for the record, along with 315 other folks.) 

Though the actress hasn’t publicly provided an explanation for the platform purge, one source told TMZ that it’s looking more likely that it’s the former, as the twosome allegedly rang in the new year together just two weeks ago. But the outlet also did point out that Holland and Zendaya apparently haven’t been seen together in public since October 2023, so it’s unclear what their current relationship status is.

In the past, Zendaya has been known to go quiet on social media in the name of a mental-health break. She revealed as much to People back in October 2021, telling the publication that being on social media too much made her “anxious”:

Being on [social media] would kind of make me anxious, or I would start to overthink a little too much. [My fans] want me to… be happy and exist beyond social media. Take the time that you need and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Similarly, Holland recently took a social-media sabbatical for his own mental health needs after he revealed that he found apps like Instagram and Twitter (now known as X) to be “overstimulating” and “overwhelming.” 

Given how crazy-busy Zendaya is going to be in 2024—along with Challengers this spring, the sci-fi sequel Dune: Part Two hits theaters on March 10 and Euphoria Season 3 is reportedly going to enter production sometime this year as well—we can’t blame her for wanting to quiet some of the noise that social media can bring with it. 

But we’re still selfishly hoping that we’ll see Tom Holland being sweet and supportive by Z’s side during red-carpet events for all of those upcoming projects. Because if they split, love isn’t real!


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