WINNING: Tennessee Deploys National Guard Soldiers to Help Texas as State Battles Biden Regime to Secure the Border – More Soldiers Volunteer than Expected

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Written By Maya Cantina

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee addresses members of the state’s National Guard on Saturday at the Millington Tennessee Army National Guard Armory outside Memphis. (Tennessee National Guard / Facebook)

An unexpectedly high number of soldiers from the Tennessee National Guard will be deploying to Texas to assist the Lone Star State as they continue to battle the Biden regime in their efforts to secure the southern border.

As WKRN reported, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and his wife on Saturday flew from John C. Tune Airport to Millington-Memphis Airport, where they met with Maj. Gen. Warner Ross. They then visited soldiers before their deployment at the Millington Tennessee Army National Guard Armory outside Memphis.

Back in February, Lee promised to send two waves of Tennessee active-duty soldiers to support the Lone Star State’s efforts to save their state. The first deployment will reportedly consist of 50 members and last through March. A second wave will replace them later in the spring.

Such forces will help bring security to the Texas border with Mexico. But Maj. Gen. Ross had even more good news for Texas after arriving at the armory.

Ross revealed to several dozen troops who volunteered for a border deployment that he had asked for 100 soldiers to volunteer, but 400 offered to help. This is a four-fold increase over what was anticipated.

In a statement obtained by WKRN, Lee revealed the ways Tennessee’s seven million residents are directly impacted by what is happening in Texas, explicitly mentioning drug trafficking and human trafficking. He also thanked the patriotic guardsmen for answering the call.

Lee told the guardsmen during his speech, “It’s not lost on us that your family serves, as well.” He added that he and his wife will pray for the soldiers and their families as they battle to save America from this foreign invasion.

America continues to face an unprecedented border crisis, and people across the nation are experiencing the devastating consequences of rising crime, drug trafficking, and human trafficking. Governors are working together, taking immediate action to do what the federal government won’t do, and that is secure our border.

I commend Tennessee’s National Guard troops for answering this important call to service and providing critical support.

Thanks to the intentional border crisis created by Biden, crimes committed by illegal aliens against American citizens have skyrocketed. The recent murder of promising Georgia college student Laken Riley by an illegal alien is a particularly glaring example.

Moreover, terrorists have already slipped across the porous Southern border. One was even allowed to roam free for almost a year.


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