World Transport Forum in Leipzig: Minister of Transport too car-oriented

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Politicians and the business community are discussing how the sector can become greener. Public transport is neglected, says former Luxembourg department head Bausch.

Many new vehicles await delivery in a parking lot at the Volkswagen factory in Zwickau

How many cars did the 1,400 delegates travel to the conference in? Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa

BERLIN taz/dpa | Transport ministers from around the world discussed at the International Transport Forum (ITF) in Leipzig how the transport sector can be made greener in times of war and crisis. “We are still living in very difficult times,” World Transport Forum Secretary General Young Tae Kim said after a ministerial meeting in Leipzig on Thursday. Since Tuesday, around fifty ministers have been talking to business representatives about topics such as climate neutrality in the transport sector, access to mobility, the use of artificial intelligence in the transport sector and more safety on the road.

Also on Thursday, for example, Lithuanian Transport Minister Marius Skuodis suggested Road safety measures to anchor it in the principles of international companies, so that these companies invest in safe road infrastructure along their supply chains. The meeting also welcomed the Dominican Republic, Oman and Saudi Arabia as new members. Over the past seven years, the forum has welcomed 10 countries, Secretary General Kim said. The ITF now have 69 Member States. Diversity is of great importance. “Even if we talk about the same topic, the context is always different and we can learn from each other.”

François Bausch also confirms this in the taz Minister of Transport in Luxembourg until 2023 used to be. What is discussed at the World Transport Forum is not binding on member states – but this means that exchanges are freer than in other political contexts. In recent years, the climate crisis has played an increasingly important role at the conference. “The transportation sector is the area where the need for action is greatest worldwide,” says Bausch, and this is where greenhouse gas emissions in particular need to be reduced.

In recent years, the climate crisis has played an increasingly important role at the conference

Nevertheless, most ministers are still too focused on cars and private motorized transport, not least in Germany. This is also evident at the ITF. To change this, representatives of social organizations or from the local transport sector be more involved, says Bausch. “This has happened more often in recent years,” says Groen. “But there is still a lot of room for improvement.”

In addition to the transport ministers, approximately 1,400 delegates from more than 80 countries are participating in the meeting in Leipzig. The World Forum will take place until Friday under the chairmanship of Lithuania. Chile is expected to take over the presidency in 2025.

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