Zendaya’s Been A Fashion Icon During The Dune 2 Press Tour, But I Was So Focused On Her C-3PO Look I Didn’t Catch This Gorgeous ‘Spiral’ Dress

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Most surely know that Zendaya is one of the true fashionistas that’s been making waves across Hollywood for some time now. That’s especially been true as she’s been alongside her fellow Dune: Part Two cast members promoting their newly released film. While a number of her fits have been stunning, she really turned heads when she showed up to the sci-fi flick’s U.K. premiere in a C-3PO-esque outfit. As a fan of the actress (and Star Wars), I was incredibly taken with that particular ensemble. However, it would seem that I was so focused on it that I totally didn’t catch her stunning “spiral” dress.

The metallic look that the Chani actress sported back in February is definitely worthy of praise. Not too many people can pull off such a sharp piece of clothing after all. However, we should also take some time to highlight what she sported while doing press alongside her colleagues in Paris. The white piece was a creation of Pieter Mulier, and the spiral dress (which is also known as “La Robe Spirale”) was created with 3D-printed wool fabric that conforms to the wearers’ figure. And, if you look at the photo below, you’ll see that it fits the A-lister well:

(Image credit: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images)

She’s shining so brightly in that piece that I have to wear shades. And, according to W Magazine, this fit belongs to a collection that is “based on the curve, on the circle—the curves of women, and circles of friends, of chosen family.” Family is definitely one way I would describe the cast and crew of Denis Villeneuve’s latest flick. You can check out a photo of Zendaya with the likes of Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler, Rebecca Ferguson and more down below:

Zendaya’s Been A Fashion Icon During The Dune 2 Press Tour, But I Was So Focused On Her C-3PO Look I Didn’t Catch This Gorgeous ‘Spiral’ Dress

(Image credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

I honestly love the tight unit that this group has formed and, not only do they all seem to have fun while doing press together, but they also all know how to dress well. I’d even say that the Spider-Man alum’s sense of style is rubbing off on her pals. She and Timothée Chalamet actually wore matching outfits to another event related to the movie just a few weeks ago. I mean when you’re around someone who serves looks as well as she does, I’d imagine that you’d want to step up your game.

Funny enough, Florence Pugh even admitted that she can’t compete when trying to “be cute” like her co-star. And that’s saying a lot because Pugh herself has become something of a fashion icon in her own right. To that point, Josh Brolin got honest about sharing the red carpet with such fashion icons amid a press tour, admitting that he can’t match their style.

When it comes to Zendaya, it’s really no surprise that she’s constantly turned heads fashion-wise while promoting Dune: Part Two. She notably has the services of stylist Law Roach, who seemingly retired in 2023 but has still been collaborating with her. This formidable duo can’t be stopped, and I’m amazed at how they consistently pick out stunning fits. 

The press tour seems to be winding down now and, should she have any other events to show up at, I’m not sure that Zendaya can top the spiral dress or her metallic look. Nevertheless, she has surprised us before and, if she manages to outdo herself, I certainly wouldn’t be mad. Until then, I’m just going to continue fawning over the sleek threads she’s already donned.

You can see her in the critically acclaimed Dune: Part Two, which is now playing in theaters and is one of the biggest releases on the 2024 movie schedule.


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