Zodiac Sign Investments – Gen Z uses astrology to win the stock market

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The magazine ‘Fortune’ reports on a new investment trend among young people. The young investors from Generation Z use their zodiac signs and tarot cards and want to make money from trading. A follower of this unconventional method with the mystical name Stefaniya Nova shares her experiences with the magazine.

Apparently won 400,000 euros because of the correct moon phase

Every morning, Nova draws a tarot card to represent her decision on which stocks to trade that day. She recently made a profit of almost 300 dollars, about 280 euros, by trading Amazon shares in one day, she proudly tells ‘Fortune’. The success led her to give up her job as a tarot reader and astrology consultant to dedicate herself to astrotrading full-time. Today she would have an average monthly income of about 4,600 euros.


Nova is just one of many TikTokers who attribute their financial success to their faith in the universe. She even claims in the magazine that she bought Bitcoin using lunar cycles and made $400,000 from crypto trading. Although their methods contrast with the traditional strategies of experienced investors, they are still well received by the younger generation.

Young Germans are more careful with their money

Whether the astronomical profits Nova and her companions make are due to moon phases, luck, or investment knowledge, people like them are at risk of being misled by false information. Fortune magazine cites a study from research platform WallStreetZen that found nearly two-thirds of investing videos on TikTok were misleading.

However, the German Generation Z is not so easy to attract. According to a study by payment service provider Klarna, young people in Germany are among the biggest savers. According to this study, 91 percent of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 regularly put money aside. A real savings trend can be seen: the share of savers has increased by ten percent compared to the previous survey from 2021.

According to the research, the money is mainly saved for education, travel and the purchase of real estate. The methodology also changes with the new generation. Their most popular forms of investment are real estate and cryptocurrencies. Equities share third place with foreign currencies.

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