Analyst Notes Concerning Trend For The Celtics

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Written By Maya Cantina

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The Boston Celtics are the best team in the NBA right now.

They have the best record by a significant margin, and they’re a lock to have homecourt advantage through the NBA Finals, assuming they even make it that far.

However, they haven’t been as dominant in close games as they’ve been in blowouts.

That was evident again in their back-to-back losses to the Atlanta Hawks, one in which they trailed by 29 points.

The Celtics have struggled to get much on offense in the clutch, and that’s a major concern.

Recently, NBA analyst Chris Forsberg pointed out that they’re just 4-11 in games defined by one possession, arguing that they get tight and stagnant in those situations (via Celtics on NBA Sports Boston).

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum wasted possessions with more than 20+ dribbles that led to poorly taken and highly-contested shots.

That’s not a good offense, and that’s not good coaching.

The Celtics have plenty of talent, and there’s simply no need for one of those players to dribble the basketball for 20 seconds en route to an empty possession.

There need to be screens, movement, slashing, and the ability to share the basketball.

Joe Mazzulla has been criticized and questioned way too many times since he took the reins of this talented team, and anything short of a trip to the NBA Finals this season could cost him his job.

They’re just too stacked and talented, and there should be no more room for excuses if this team doesn’t get it done this season.

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