Analyst Proposes Wild Broncos Trade For The Draft

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Written By Maya Cantina

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The Denver Broncos find themselves in a tight spot regarding their quarterback situation.

After spending the farm to acquire Russell Wilson two years ago, the team has moved on from him.

They released him, and he ended up signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, presumably to be their starting quarterback.

After hearing this news, many fans and analysts anticipated the Steelers would make a notable free-agent move.

However, with their hands tied and being stuck with a large portion of Wilson’s salary, they can’t make as big of a move as some might hope.

However, analyst Matt Miller recently came up with a proposal for the Broncos where they would acquire the No. 4 overall pick, but it would cost them.

In his proposed trade with the Arizona Cardinals, Miller suggested the Broncos trade their 2024 first-rounder (the No. 12 overall pick) and their 2025 and 2026 first-round picks for J.J. McCarthy.

This would be a massive deal, and it would handcuff the Broncos for the next three seasons.

They could miss out on some excellent prospects in the next three years, but it could all be worth it if J.J. McCarthy pans out as Miller expects.

Miller believes the Broncos will draft McCarthy with the No. 4 selection, assuming they trade up to get it.

McCarthy was a highly debated prospect earlier this year, but after winning the national title and showing what he can do at the Combine and his Pro Day, he seems to be shooting up draft boards.

Does it make sense for the Broncos to take a chance on him this year?

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