Baltimore bridge collapse latest news: Rescue workers scramble to save dozens after colossal Baltimore Key Bridge collapsed in moments when container ship crashed into it sending cars into the river

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Condition of collapsed bridge will be assessed, fire chief says

The condition of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge will be assessed by the fire department, Baltimore City Fire chief Kevin Cartwright told CNN.

He said: ‘This bridge has been in place for quite some time and has served many, many commuters in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

‘So as the investigation ensues, there will be structural engineers involved to try and assess what the condition of the bridge is.’

He added that the conditions are currently ‘unsafe’.

VIDEO: Map tracker shows how ship changed course before crashing into bridge

Transport secretary Pete Buttigieg says rescue efforts remain underway

PICTURED: First day light pictures show the devastating aftermath of the Key Bridge collapse

epa11244154 The Francis Scott Key Bridge rests partially collapsed after a container ship ran into it in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 26 March 2024. The Maryland Department of Transportation confirmed on 26 March that the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed due to a ship strike. A 'mass casualty, multi-agency rescue' was underway, according to Kevin Cartwright from the Baltimore City Fire Department. A diving team was trying to locate at least seven people believed to be in the Patapsco River, Cartwright added. EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

At least ten vehicles fell into the river after bridge collapse, according to reports

Maryland Transport Authority gives traffic update after Key Bridge collapsed

Flight radar shows police and search helicopters circling over collapsed bridge in Baltimore

Flight radar of police and search helicopters over collapsed bridge in Baltimore

Resident says bridge collapse felt like an earthquake

‘Entire Key Bridge is in the harbor’: Chilling first radio transmission by firefighters

Coast Guard deploys multiple crews to Francis Scott Key Bridge

Freezing temperatures could ‘pose concern’ as rescuers scramble to save dozens

Kevin Cartwright, director of communications of the Baltimore City Fire Department, told CNN that freezing temperatures could ‘pose a concern’ as rescuers scramble to save dozens who fell into the water following the bridge collapse.

Cartwright added: ‘It feels like at least about 30 degrees (-1°C) where I am. It could be slightly lower than that. And I’m sure that the water temperature is even colder… And that can pose a concern and risk for our divers.’

VIDEO: Dramatic footage shows container ship collide with bridge

No injuries to crew on container ship that hit Key Bridge

The crew of the Dali, the Singapore-flagged ship that hit Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, has been accounted for and there were no injuries on the ship.

Synergy Marine Group, which owns the ship, confirmed in a statement that their vessel had collided with a pillar of the bridge around 1.30am local time.

The cause of the collision is currently unknown and the company said it was working with authorities to determine the cause.

VIDEO: Footage shows the moment the container ship hits Key Bridge in Baltimore

Rescue workers in Baltimore are working furiously in an attempt to save the lives of dozens of people who were plunged into the frigid waters of the Patapsco River when the Francis Scott Key bridge collapsed after being hit by a container ship.

Initial reports indicate that at least a dozen cars hit the 47 degree water in addition to a 20 or so construction workers who were working on the bridge at the time.


MAP: Where is Francis Scott Key Bridge?

Baltimore County exec asks for prayers for those impacted by bridge collapse

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski, Jr. took to X to ask for prayers for those impacted by the bridge collapse.

At least seven construction workers and several vehicles missing after bridge collapse

PICTURED: Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed into the river

A view of the Francis Scott Key Bridge after it collapsed, in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., in this picture released on March 26, 2024. Harford County MD Fire & EMS/Handout via REUTERS THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES MANDATORY CREDIT
Baltimore Key Bridge

Rescuers are searching for seven people after Key Bridge collapse

‘This is a dire emergency,’ Kevin Cartwright, director of communications for the Baltimore Fire Department, said. ‘Our focus right now is trying to rescue and recover these people.’

He added that some cargo appeared to be dangling from the bridge.

Emergency responders were searching for at least seven people believed to be in the water, Cartwright said, though he said it’s too early to know how many people were affected. He called the collapse a ‘developing mass casualty event.’

Volunteer firefighters join rescue efforts at Francis Scott Key Bridge

Baltimore Mayor en route to scene of bridge collapse

Container ship changes course and appears to slow before hitting bridge, data shows

VIDEO: Watch the moment the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapses

Maryland Transport Authority confirms ‘bridge collapse due to ship strike’

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Welcome to MailOnline’s liveblog, where we will bring you the latest updates about the collapse of the Baltimore Key Bridge early this morning.


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