Charles Hoskinson Celebrates Cardano’s (ADA) Insane Blockchain Performance

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Written By Maya Cantina

Cardano, renowned for its innovative Extended Unspent Transaction Output (EUTXO) model, has once again demonstrated its technical prowess in the cryptocurrency space. Following the implementation of the Alonzo upgrade, which introduced support for multi-assets and smart contracts.


One recent milestone exemplifies Cardano’s capabilities: the processing of eight transactions within a single block, serving a substantial 1,600 recipients. What is noteworthy is the cost-effectiveness of this achievement, with the commission for these transactions totaling a modest 5.16 ADA, equivalent to $2.38.

This exceptional performance has drawn recognition from Charles Hoskinson, the visionary figure behind Cardano. In response to the achievement, Hoskinson shared a GIF with the caption “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work,” expressing his satisfaction with Cardano’s consistent progress.

Hoskinson’s acknowledgment underscores the significance of ADA blockchain’s advancements in the blockchain sphere. By leveraging the EUTXO model, Cardano enables complex logic in transaction processing, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Such achievements reflect the project’s mission to provide a sustainable and cost-effective blockchain platform. With its focus on scalability, security and interoperability, Cardano (ADA) continues to set industry standards, positioning itself as a prominent player in blockchain and decentralized finance. The “honest work” commendation serves as a testament to the collective efforts and aspirations of the development team.


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