DOGE’s Latest Release: Why Crypto Community Can’t Stop Talking

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Written By Maya Cantina

Tue, 26/03/2024 – 13:28

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The Dogecoin community is abuzz, with one of its vocal members, Mishaboar, sharing enthusiasm for the latest Dogecoin core release, version 1.14.7. This new update is particularly significant for merchants, as it brings a host of enhancements and security updates that are poised to improve the overall functionality and safety of Dogecoin transactions.


In a new tweet, Mishaboar urges merchants or providers of services on Dogecoin to update to the latest Dogecoin Core 1.14.7 release, as the “estimatefee” and “estimatesmartfee” methods have been updated and are now maintained and tuned to follow Dogecoin parametrization.

Mishaboar’s excitement is shared by the wider Dogecoin community, which has long awaited such updates.

Alex, MyDoge Wallet CTO, lauds Dogecoin developers for the latest 1.14.7 release of Dogecoin Core. Using the estimate fee fixes, Alex noted that “MyDoge” fees are now fully dynamic, and no stuck transactions have been seen since.

Although a minor version release, Dogecoin 1.14.7, includes enhancements to several RPC methods and important security updates for Dogecoin-Qt. Thus, Dogecoin-Qt users on any platform are strongly recommended to upgrade.

One of the most notable changes to this release are security updates, which include the disabling of the BIP-70 payment server by default and reducing the attack surface for potential security threats. Additionally, the build scope of the Qt dependency has been reduced, and patches have been backported for all Qt versions up to 5.15.12, including community patches to the pinned Qt 5.7.1.

The updated script improves password and salt generation methods, enhancing security for automated systems that interact with the Dogecoin network. The inclusion of fully verbose transaction decoding to “getblock” and the addition of a height parameter to “-walletnotify” are part of the enhancements brought on by the release. Further major enhancements, “estimatefee” and “estimatesmartfee,” are now maintained and tuned to Dogecoin parametrization.

In what comes next after the game-changing release, Dogecoin core developer Patrick Lodder hints at the next steps planned for the first or second week in April, to enable operator tunability.


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