Emily Blunt Revealed How A Gift She Gave Cillian Murphy Caused Him To Split His Head Open While Filming Oppenheimer

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Written By Maya Cantina

With awards season winding down these next few weeks, we only have a few more opportunities to see our so-called “Oppenhomies”—i.e. Oppenheimer cast members Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downer Jr. and the like—laughing it up together on red carpets and talk shows. So we’re savoring every last promo appearance, including Blunt’s recent, hilarious reveal about how a well-intentioned present she gifted Murphy resulted in the leading man having his head glued shut while filming Christopher Nolan’s billion-dollar biopic. 

During a February 22 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, that aforementioned trio spent most of the time ribbing each other with good-natured gibes. (Ex: Blunt joking that her notably sore throat was from yelling at RDJ to take a Z pack for his chlamydia. Homies, indeed.) The British actress kept the funny flowing—echoing a rule that the Oppenheimer crew had on set—and told Kimmel and Co. about how she gifted Murphy a “very beautiful pillow” to help him decompress after tough days of filming.

I just felt Cillian needed—even more than food—was sleep on this movie, so I got him this very beautiful pillow, I’m obsessed with these pillows, it’s a Hästens pillow. So I gave him this pillow, but it turned out—[she asks Cillian] do you mind if I tell this story?—so he was really luxuriating in this pillow one night and he woke up in the middle of the night, this is what he told me the next day, and he went to fluff himself back down into the pillow, the cool side…and smashed his head open on the bedside table. So during work, they had to, like, glue his head shut.

Oscar-bound Cillian Murphy confirmed the story and added that the film’s makeup designer, Luisa Abel, had to step in and treat his head wound early the next morning. He added: 

I was a bit shocked, you know! I was having a great sleep, and I had this amazing pillow and then, you know, it was a strange bed, strange table, and [then] bang…We were getting up before it was bright, like at 2 a.m. or something, 3 a.m. So I called [Luisa] then and I just came in and then she glued my head, covered it all up, and you don’t even see it in the movie, I think.

Blunt is having a rough go of it when it comes to presents for her Oppenheimer buddies. She previously made headlines for giving director Christopher Nolan a pair of Ugg boots as a cheeky wrap gift after he previously shamed her for sporting the fur-lined footwear on set of the period piece. 

And speaking of gifts, Kimmel asked both Murphy and Downey if they had their own presents planned for Blunt, who celebrates her birthday today, February 23. RDJ was seemingly sincere in telling Emily that he picked out something special from the year of her birth and that it would be “the best birthday present you ever fucking received.” Murphy, however, had a more comical reply:

I got you a voucher for the Holiday Inn Express!

Consider it payback, Em! See if you can spot Cillian Murphy real-life head injury by catching him, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of the Oppenhomies in Oppenheimer, now available to stream with a Peacock subscription. 


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