Gray Shelter Episodes 3 & 4 Recap: Jang Woo-Young & Lee Jae-Bin’s Relationship Dynamic Changes

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Gray Shelter episodes 3 and 4, which aired on Thursday, April 18, 2024, revolve around a complicated relationship between two men. Starring Jang Woo-Young and Lee Jae-Bin, the Korean BL drama’s latest episode features a change in the lead characters’ relationship dynamics.

In the previous episode, Cha Soo-Hyuk (Jang Woo-Young) and Lee Yoon-Dae (Lee Jae-Bin) first met when their respective parents decided to marry each other. Yoon-Dae, who had a difficult upbringing due to his abusive father, found solace in Soo-Hyuk’s company. But, in a turn of events, Soo-Hyuk didn’t let her mother marry Yoon-Dae’s father and, hence, left Yoon-Dae all alone. After several years, they reunited on a bitter note.

Despite their bitter relationship, Soo-Hyuk invites Yoon-Dae to his apartment to stay after the latter becomes homeless in episode 3. Slowly, the dynamic between the two changes.

Korean BL drama Gray Shelter Episode 3 spoilers: Lee Jae-Bin comforts Jang Woo-Young

Gray Shelter episode 3 begins with Yoon-Dae (Lee Jae-Bin) moving in with Soo-Hyuk (Jang Woo-Young). Although the latter is worried about him, he asks him not to stay over for long. In the meantime, Yoon-Dae learns that Soo-Hyuk’s preference is men.

Yoon-Dae lives at Soo-Hyuk’s apartment but he has still not forgiven Soo-Hyuk for abandoning him in the past. He continues to speak rudely to Soo-Hyuk. One night, a drunk Yoon-Dae calls the latter who brings him home. In a drunken state, Yoon-Dae asks Soo-Hyuk why he didn’t throw away the shoes he gave him in the past. Furthermore, he questions why Soo-Hyuk let him stay with him when Soo-Hyuk knows he causes trouble. Without responding, Soo-Hyuk helps Yoon-Dae settle down in bed.

The next day, Soo-Hyuk gets a call from his father. The two end up at a police station, where his father accuses Soo-Hyuk of hiding his wife from him. A big argument breaks between father and son, and the former leaves. Meanwhile, Yoon-Dae plans to leave Soo-Hyuk’s apartment but rushes to the police station when learns about his whereabouts.

While heading home together, Soo-Hyuk asks Yoon-Dae what if he decides not to live. Yoon-Dae begs him to accept the days when he feels tired and worn out. Finally, Soo-Hyuk admits to being tired and looks heartbroken due to the situation with his father. Episode 3 ends with Yoon-Dae comforting him and hugging him. 

Gray Shelter Episode 4 recap: Jang Woo-Young & Lee Jae-Bin’s argument ends up in an intimate moment

Gray Shelter Episode 4 begins with Soo-Hyuk leaving for work and asking Yoon-Dae to wait for him for dinner. The latter seems excited and orders new shoes for Soo-Hyuk. 

Later in the day, Yoon-Dae tries to collect money from his friends who owe him. Moreover, he learns that his father is looking for him. On the other hand, Soo-Hyuk meets his mother, who informs him that Yoon-Dae’s father is remarrying, leaving Soo-Hyuk in shock. For context, Yoon-Dae had told Soo-Hyuk in episode 1 that his father had died. This was one of the reasons why the latter seemed to be more concerned about Yoon-Dae.

Meanwhile, Yoon-Dae breaks down while talking to his father on a call, saying he should leave him alone and let him live. At home, Yoon-Dae waits for Soo-Hyuk for hours while the latter gets drunk with his colleague.

When he arrives home in a drunken state, Yoon-Dae becomes furious. Seeing him throwing tantrums, Soo-Hyuk gets angry and asks, “Why did you lie about him [his father] being dead?” Yoon-Dae counterattacks by asking why Soo-Hyuk let him stay over and why he cares for him. The two have a major argument, with Soo-Hyuk shouting, “You could’ve just dismissed me as an idiot and should not have come…” Yoon-Dae interrupts and pulls Soo-Hyuk towards him for a kiss. Episode 4 ends with the two sharing a passionate kiss.

Gray Shelter will return with the finale episode next Thursday, April 25, 2024, on Heavenly.


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